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The Engineer
1 November 2010

  • Tools of the trade

    10 Nov 2010

    Problems with the public perception of engineers in the UK persist, despite the professions’ education efforts. Perhaps it’s time to define ourselves by what we do.

  • Quiet moves herald a new UK space age

    1 November 2010

    Although not widely acknowledged by the general public, the UK has quietly forged a leading position in space science, and the government seems to be prepared to support it.

  • Blowing hot and cold

    1 November 2010

    Dave Wilson talks to Industrial Design Consultancy about a system that combines domestic space heating and air conditioning

  • Defending against the cyber threat

    1 Nov 2010

    Clandestine cyber attacks are posing a massive threat to the UK’s security infrastructure

  • Destroyer gets russian navy up to speed

    1 November 2010

  • Oil opportunity

    1 November 2010

    As confidence returns to the UK’s offshore industry, the sector will continue to offer attractive openings for skilled engineers

  • Force field: The mission to map Earth's magnetism

    1 Nov 2010

    Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar radiation and could tell us about minerals in the crust and the climate, but it has been a mystery for over 500 years. ESA is about to lauch a mission to discover more

  • Uncanny androids

    29 Oct 2010

    Prepare the robo-cake, light the robo-candles: the Little Robot that Could is ten years old.

  • Tabletop X-rays: miniaturising the synchrotron

    1 November 2010

    Scientists have developed a compact X-ray source that could rival the power of large-scale synchrotrons

  • Easing the pressure

    1 November 2010

    An implantable device that triggers the body’s own blood pressure control system could provide treatment for those suffering high blood pressure but unable to tolerate drugs. Dave Wilson reports

  • Sir Martin Sweeting, chairman of Surrey Satellite Technology

    1 November 2010

    SSTL chief maintains his vision to keep Britain at the forefront of satellite communication

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