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The Engineer
11 June 2004

  • If once my memory serves me well

    23 Jun 2004

    Dave Wilson examines the enormous benefits to be gleaned from man's first privately financed flight into space.

  • More than just morphing

    23 Jun 2004

    LMS International's has added a lot of new functionality to the latest release of its Virtual.Lab simulation software.

  • Breeding fast cars

    18 Jun 2004

    University College London researchers have developed a computer model based on the use of genetic algorithms that 'breeds' winning Formula One cars.

  • Wimax on the way

    18 Jun 2004

  • Reality check

    11 Jun 2004

  • High-speed serial FRAM

    14 Jun 2004

    Ramtron's FM25L256 is a new 256 Kilobit 3V nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory product with a serial peripheral interface.

  • DSL gets a high-speed makeover

    15 Jun 2004

    In a move that is destined to bring higher speed to the home highway, Texas Instruments is to build communications devices based on a new high-bandwidth DSL specification.

  • Vector multiplier spans IF and RF ranges

    15 Jun 2004

  • Broadcom to acquire Zyray Wireless

    17 Jun 2004

    Communications chip developer Broadcom is to acquire telecommunications chip developer Zyray Wireless in a deal worth $96 million.

  • Thermoplastic elastomers

    17 Jun 2004

    Ticona has introduced the Riteflex MT9000 series of copolyester thermoplastic elastomers that are certified for use in drug delivery systems, medical devices and other healthcare applications.

  • Dumping in China

    17 Jun 2004

    The Chinese Ministry of Commerce claims that US fibre optic cable producer Corning has dumped optical fibre products into China and caused 'material injury' to Chinese domestic producers.

  • Ethernet breaks free of the office

    17 Jun 2004

  • Rocket science

    11 Jun 2004

  • Clearing the way for audible announcements

    11 Jun 2004

  • Rushed and ridiculous

    11 Jun 2004

    Airbus has attacked the high proportion of composites used in Boeing's 7E7 Dreamliner, branding the aircraft's development 'rushed' and 'ridiculous'. Richard Fisher reports.

  • Forecourt in the act

    11 Jun 2004

    In a bid to cut vehicle crime, Kent police are to test a system that links their database with privately owned automatic number plate recognition cameras.

  • Revealing another way to tackle crime

    11 Jun 2004

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