The Engineer
6 August 2004

  • Space houses on Earth

    26 Aug 2004

    A European Space Agency-designed house that uses technology designed for space might possibly become the basis of the new German Antarctic station, Neumayer-III.

  • Embedded imaging

    26 Aug 2004

    The MathWorks' new 'Video and Image Processing Blockset' extends the company's Simulink software to help those developing embedded video and image processing systems.

  • Chipset supports 4Gbit/sec FibreChannel

    25 Aug 2004

    Vitesse Semiconductor has announced a chipset specifically designed for multirate FibreChannel and Gigabit Ethernet SFP modules that can operate up to 4GBit/sec.

  • Buying IP solutions

    24 Aug 2004

  • Drivving the FPGA

    23 Aug 2004

    If you add a Field Programmable Gate Array to a data acquisition and control system and then allow it to be programmed by an end user, the results can be rather racy.

  • Multifunction data acquisition

    23 Aug 2004

    Last week, National Instruments introduced its new M series of data acquisition modules, effectively replacing its older E series products with a new line of even higher performance cards.

  • Simulating bomb blasts

    19 Aug 2004

    Engineers have constructed a "shock tube" to simulate the destructive rush of gasses given off when a bomb explodes and to test the ability of new composite materials to withstand such forces.

  • Taking the strain

    11 Aug 2004

  • Battery connector goes mobile

    10 Aug 2004

  • Remain in light

    10 Aug 2004

    Researchers at UCL, London have developed a window coating that can be applied to the glass of buildings or cars to reflect the heat of the sun.

  • Rolls signals runway to recovery...

    6 Aug 2004

  • Hi-tech Ultra on a high

    6 Aug 2004

    The drive towards technology-led warfare and surveillance helped UK defence systems specialist Ultra Electronics to notch up another period of strong growth.

  • Panoramic sight

    6 Aug 2004

  • An eye on the long view

    6 Aug 2004

  • Skid plan

    6 Aug 2004

    Bosch takes the skid out of cornering with a system that reads the actions and speed of the driver and adjusts the power steering accordingly.

  • Happier landings

    6 Aug 2004

    To combat the hazards of deck turbulence, aerodynamics experts are working on ways to smooth the airflow. Jon Excell reports.

  • Step on the gas

    6 Aug 2004

    As the race gathers pace to find the 'green' fuel of the future for cars, could the answer be found in the deserts of Qatar? Shell certainly thinks so. George Coupe reports.

  • Warp factor has warped reality

    6 Aug 2004

    As the countdown starts for SpaceShip One's attempt at the Ansari X Prize, David Windle reckons they're the pioneers of history's real frontiers. Move over Jim and Mr. Spock.

  • Free wheeling

    6 Aug 2004

  • Fast forward to Mars

    6 Aug 2004

  • Changing face of flight

    6 Aug 2004

    Chameleon-like lubricating coatings are being developed that could enable future aircraft and space vehicles to perform more effectively under a wide range of extreme conditions.

  • Risk obsessed

    6 Aug 2004

    The Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering's report on nanotechnology is too 'obsessed' with nanoparticles and does not sufficiently consider other areas of the field.

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