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The Engineer
6 July 2001

  • And the winner is...

    12 Jul 2001

    A team of engineers at aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace in Belfast could be set to share a £50,000 design prize later this year!

  • Bye-draulics?

    12 Jul 2001

    Jon Excell looks at the ServoRam and asks could electromagnetic actuators take the place of hydraulic cylinders in motion control?

  • E-asy does it

    12 Jul 2001

    Some might say that UK manufacturing industry is full of 'e-laggards'. But some smaller manufacturers and their suppliers are doing great things on the internet.

  • Ford fixes Land Rover's leaky roof

    12 Jul 2001

    Ford has made some important changes since purchasing Land Rover, so we might expect to see improvements in product quality...

  • Only one way out

    12 Jul 2001

  • MG Rover's sporting chance

    12 Jul 2001

    A year after the Phoenix takeover, fledgling independent Rover has unveiled the models it hopes will inject some élan back into its range.

  • Splitting hybrids

    12 Jul 2001

    Until fuel-cells become commonplace, our choking planet is offered some relief by the hybrid vehicle.

  • Skills study 'just an excuse to stall'

    12 Jul 2001

    A government study into the engineering skills crisis will be used to justify abandoning the idea of R&D tax credits, suspect critics.

  • New links in the support chain

    12 Jul 2001

    Some after-sales support firms are starting to use the Internet as their primary servicing medium. Could this finally be the dawn of an efficient 'support chain'?

  • Virgin takes new slant on rail travel

    12 Jul 2001

    High-speed tilting trains made their first public test run in the UK this week, marking Virgin Trains' £1bn investment in the technology for its West Coast main line.

  • 'Permanent deficit' if no manufacturing upturn

    12 Jul 2001

  • Longbridge revival as MG Rover halves losses

    12 Jul 2001

  • XML marks the spot for next Internet phase

    12 Jul 2001

    Many vendors and analysts now believe the 'Net is about to experience its biggest growth spurt yet - eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is the reason.

  • GSM/DCS transmitter is a first

    10 Jul 2001

    Mitsubishi Electric and the Electronic Component Group of Kyocera have introduced the world's first dual-band compatible E-GSM/DCS transmitter module for mobile phones.

  • A big ear says shut up!

    10 Jul 2001

    If you work in a very noisy environment, it's a sure bet that you often wish that you had some way to highlight just how irritating loud noise is.

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