Friday, 28 November 2014


Barometer indicates fair weather for manufacturers

27 Nov 2014

Over two thirds of England’s small and medium manufacturers expect to increase investment in new technology, machinery or premises in a bid to improve their productivity.


Sheffield Hallam University helps Guy Martin break downhill speed record

18 Nov 2014 | By Jason Ford

Engineers at Sheffield Hallam University have helped Guy Martin break another world speed record.


Craig Wilson

Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering

26 Nov 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Conceptual arts: Williams Advanced Engineering pitches itself as an expert operator in the arena of technologies that help vehicles go fast.


Accelerate Automotive Innovation


The drive for autonomy

21 Nov 2014 | By Jason Ford

How autonomous vehicles could help the elderly while mixing safely with standard vehicles is among the topics covered in the IET’s new review


Apprenticeships, infrastructure and innovation

17 Nov 2014 | By Jason Ford

Apprenticeships represent an incredible chance to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workplace, but are enough people taking the opportunity?


festival of britain

November 1949: planning the Festival of Britain

26 Nov 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Dripping with patriotism, The Engineer’s coverage of the Festival’s South Bank site shows Britain still wanted to seem pre-eminent in many areas

fire engines

September 1914: Electric emergency vehicles

10 Sep 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Electric vehicles were being used by the emergency services a century ago, and were seen as the best technological option

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LunarMissionOne has launched as a UK-based effort to land a geological investigation probe on the moon, using the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. What are the advantages of funding the mission in this way?