An automotive engine mostly made from plastic will be tested in a racing car in 2016

Plastic engine set for debut in Norma M-20 concept car

21 May 2015 | By Glynn Garlick

An automotive engine mostly made from plastic will be tested in a racing car in 2016.

Bosch has 3,934 employees working at 42 locations in the UK

Hiring: how to get a graduate engineering job with Bosch

20 May 2015 | By Jason Ford

Take time out from your busy revision schedule to look at Bosch UK, which has just re-opened its Grad Scheme recruitment for 2015.


tno pic

Advertorial: The car of the future

20 May 2015

Dutch research organisation TNO helps to make vehicles safer and cleaner by allowing cars to communicate with each other, by preventing collisions between cars and cyclists and by optimising fuel combustion


Accelerate Automotive Innovation


Driving ahead, like an idiot or not

22 May 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Bosch gave us a glimpse into the future of autonomous and electrified cars, but are the internal combustion engine’s best days still to come?


Highlighting the importance of innovation

18 May 2015 | By Jason Ford

Several events this week are aiming to throw a spotlight on the importance of innovation, both for the economy and for improving people’s lives


The car was described by The Engineer as 'resembling a punt'

February 1906: The valveless motor car

25 Feb 2015 | By Jon Excell

The early 20th century was awash with automotive innovations, some of which went onto to dominate the industry over the following decades, whilst others didn’t quite have the transformative impact their inventors expected.

blue bird

February 1927: a new land speed record

11 Feb 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The Engineer was dubious about Captain Malcolm Campbell’s claim have broken the world land speed record on Pendine Sands

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