Nanogenerator harvests power from rolling tyres

1 Jul 2015

An innovative nanogenerator developed by engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US uses a car’s rolling tyre friction to generate electricity.

Inside JLR's Castle Bromwich Plant. The firm's success has been at the heart of the sector's growth.

Record turnover confirms UK automotive renaissance

30 Jun 2015

According to the latest figures from the SMMT turnover for the UK automotive sector hit an all time high of £69.5 billion in 2014.



Out of the cage: Rethinking robotics

18 Jun 2015 | By Evelyn Adams

A new breed of robots is emerging that could help labour-intensive industries to cut costs and boost efficiency.


Accelerate Automotive Innovation

F1 Testing In Jerez - Day Four

Progress or excess? – Motorsport's role in the engineering industry

3 Jul 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, we look at the engineering benefits that motorsport delivers to the real world. 


Testing Times – vehicle safety, interoperability and performance

3 Jul 2015

Guest blog Anthony Martin, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Chief Engineer at MIRA, explains how next generation cars are changing the face of EMC testing.


The car was described by The Engineer as 'resembling a punt'

February 1906: The valveless motor car

25 Feb 2015 | By Jon Excell

The early 20th century was awash with automotive innovations, some of which went onto to dominate the industry over the following decades, whilst others didn’t quite have the transformative impact their inventors expected.

blue bird

February 1927: a new land speed record

11 Feb 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The Engineer was dubious about Captain Malcolm Campbell’s claim have broken the world land speed record on Pendine Sands

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