TE Ampera charging 300

Power up: breakthrough promises solar charging for AFVs

28 Aug 2015

Researchers have wired four perovskite solar cells in series to enhance the voltage and directly photo-charged lithium batteries with 7.8% efficiency.


Skeleton Technologies and Adgero develop KERS for road haulage

26 Aug 2015

Kinetic Energy Recovery System for road freight vehicles is claimed to reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions by up to 25%.


Many of the biggest names in the automotive industry participate in the programme.

​Learning on the fly: FISITA’s student travel programme

18 Aug 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Over the past decade, FISITA has handed out nearly €250,000 to engineering students seeking automotive work experience overseas. CEO Chris Mason tells The Student Engineer about the programme.


Accelerate Automotive Innovation

The BAE VR system uses laser tracking and a wand to allow users to interact with the vessels in a 3D environment.

Immersive worlds - How virtual reality is shaping our future Video

14 Aug 2015 | By Andrew Wade

From designing the Royal Navy’s latest submarines, to training facial surgeons, virtual reality is finally making itself useful. 

Autonomous car

Should we be worried about the hackable car?

22 Jul 2015 | By Jon Excell

Following a number of recent incidents, security researchers are becoming increasingly concerned about the security of our increasingly connected vehicles.


The car was described by The Engineer as 'resembling a punt'

February 1906: The valveless motor car

25 Feb 2015 | By Jon Excell

The early 20th century was awash with automotive innovations, some of which went onto to dominate the industry over the following decades, whilst others didn’t quite have the transformative impact their inventors expected.

blue bird

February 1927: a new land speed record

11 Feb 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The Engineer was dubious about Captain Malcolm Campbell’s claim have broken the world land speed record on Pendine Sands

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