Zero-emissions taxi brings investment and jobs to Coventry

27 Mar 2015

The London Taxi Company’s Chinese owner has announced a £250m investment to develop and build vehicles at the company’s historic home base

One of WMG's existing driving simulators

UK team awarded £4.2m to develop world leading driving simulator

27 Mar 2015

An advanced driving simulator that will enable engineers to test any make of car is to be developed by a team at WMG.



Full speed ahead: motorsport industry career guide for graduate engineers

17 Mar 2015 | By Stephen Harris, Evelyn Adams

Motorsport has one of the most exciting images of any engineering sector and the UK is its global capital. But behind the glamour lies a hugely rewarding intellectual challenge that stretches far beyond Formula One.


Accelerate Automotive Innovation

Formula Student 3

4 tips for winning Formula Student from the former chief judge

18 Mar 2015

The Student Engineer spoke to Richard Folkson to get his advice on what teams entering the UK’s premier university engineering competition can do to increase their chances of winning.

Intelligent Energy's fuel cell stacks

Intellectual decision

16 Mar 2015

Toyota’s offer of free fuel-cell-related patents is good news for everyone in the automotive sector, says James Batchelor


The car was described by The Engineer as 'resembling a punt'

February 1906: The valveless motor car

25 Feb 2015 | By Jon Excell

The early 20th century was awash with automotive innovations, some of which went onto to dominate the industry over the following decades, whilst others didn’t quite have the transformative impact their inventors expected.

blue bird

February 1927: a new land speed record

11 Feb 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The Engineer was dubious about Captain Malcolm Campbell’s claim have broken the world land speed record on Pendine Sands

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