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Synchrotron sheds light on exploding batteries Video

28 Apr 2015

Research illustrating exactly what happens when Lithium-ion batteries explode could help engineers improve their design

Lawrence Livermore researchers have made graphene aerogel microlattices with an engineered architecture via a 3D printing technique known as direct ink writing.

3D printed aerogels could aid energy storage

24 Apr 2015

Researchers have used 3D printing techniques to produce a graphene-based aerogel that could be used in applications including energy storage.

Gordon Murray Design's T25

Shell and Gordon Murray Design announce city car collaboration Video

9 Apr 2015

Engineers from Shell have joined forces with racing car designer Gordon Murray to develop an ultra-efficient concept car based around the internal combustion engine.



Boat designers off to a flying start

30 Apr 2015 | By Evelyn Adams

As teams grapple with new rules for the 2017 America’s Cup, Ben Ainslie Racing is using software to get ahead.


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The Guardian Newspaper is running a campaign to persuade organisations such as charities and universities to divest their holdings in petrochemical companies, with the slogan 'Keep it in the ground'. Which option is closest to your feelings on such campaigns and the slogan?