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The boxfish has survived in the oceans for the past 35 million years.

Boxfish shell could inspire new form of body armour

30 Jul 2015

The boxfish’s hexagonal scales fuse together to provide both strength and flexibility.

Plans have been announced for TuNur, a 2GW concentrated solar power facility in Tunisia that would be connected to the European electricity grid

Researchers tap infrared spectrum to improve solar cell efficiency

28 Jul 2015

Californian team says discovery could improve performance of solar panels by up to 30 per cent.  

People walked on the completed MB over the Hongo river in Fukuyama City at its first construction test.

Origami-inspired folding bridge could aid disaster relief

23 Jul 2015

Japanese engineer Dr Ichiro Ario has designed a new mobile bridge based on the principles of origami, which could speed up emergency relief to cut-off areas following natural disasters.


Dr Luca Ravagnan

Under the skin: A new breed of biomedical implant

3 Jul 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Dr Luca Ravagnan is the co-founder and CEO of WISE Srl, a European medical device company that’s pioneering the development of pain-relieving implants


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