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The connected world and beyond

4 Jun 2014 | By Jon Excell

The first day of The Engineer conference gave glimpses of the future of manufacturing, the importance of long-term investment and how we will continue to explore our neighbouring planets


Patient receives 3D printed titanium hip Video

19 May 2014

Hip surgery conducted with a 3D printed titanium implant and bone stem cell graft has been conducted in Southampton.

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London Mayor Boris Johnson is lobbying for a £10 additional charge for diesel cars to drive into Central London by 2020, and for road tax on diesel cars and all pre-2006 cars to be increased, to counter air pollution. What option most closely matches your opinion on this?

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Europe's largest tidal array in the Pentand Firth off Orkney will eventually generate up to 86MW of power. What will it take for tidal energy to make an appreciable contribution to the UK's energy needs?

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