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Dick Elsy will be speaking at The Engineer Conference 2015

Q&A: Dick Elsy - Chief Executive, high Value Manufacturing catapult.

15 May 2015

Ahead of his appearance at The Engineer Conference in June, we asked Dick Elsy to outline some ofg the ways in which the High Value Manufacturing Catapult can help SMEs



What is a British manufacturing company today?

16 Jun 2015 | By David Falzani

What defines a country’s nationality, and does it actually matter? Our guest blogger, the president of Sainsbury Management Fellows, looks at the issues

Industry is waiting to hear from new Business Secretary Sajiv Javid MP

The sound of silence: industry waiting by the phone for BIS call

10 Jun 2015 | By Jon Excell

The UK engineering industry is yet to hear from the new business secretary about his plans for the future. Should it be worried?


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After a jittery-few months the summer budget will provide the clearest indication yet of the current administration’s industrial policy. Which of the following areas would you most like to see prioritised by the government?