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Last week's poll: European referendum

19 May 2015

The new government has committed to an in-out referendum on membership of the European Union. Leaving aside the potential effects of the referendum result, what effect will the upcoming referendum have on industry?


Dick Elsy will be speaking at The Engineer Conference 2015

Q&A: Dick Elsy - Chief Executive, high Value Manufacturing catapult.

15 May 2015

Ahead of his appearance at The Engineer Conference in June, we asked Dick Elsy to outline some ofg the ways in which the High Value Manufacturing Catapult can help SMEs


David Falzani

Where Did All The Money Go?

19 May 2015 | By David Falzani

The Balance of Payments used to dominate political debate, but it’s been mentioned only rarely since the early 1980s. David Falzani looks at the effects of global flows and uses of capital.


This week's poll: government priorities

19 May 2015

What should be the new government’s priority with respect to engineering?


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What should be the new government's priority with respect to engineering?