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Dick Elsy will be speaking at The Engineer Conference 2015

Q&A: Dick Elsy - Chief Executive, high Value Manufacturing catapult.

15 May 2015

Ahead of his appearance at The Engineer Conference in June, we asked Dick Elsy to outline some ofg the ways in which the High Value Manufacturing Catapult can help SMEs


Chinese flag

What does 'the great fall of China' mean for British industry?

26 Aug 2015 | By Jon Excell

Global concern is growing over China’s economic turmoil. But could a weakened Chinese industrial base be good for the UK in the longer term?


Could we still fly the flag?

29 Jul 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The RAF has the fewest fighter aircraft in its history, but hasn’t flown an all-British fighter for decades. Other countries build their own and sell them abroad. Why don’t we?


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Following the tragic Shoreham air show crash, regulators have announced that vintage jets will now be prohibited from performing aerobatics over land at such events. With which of the following statements do you most strongly agree.