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DSD opens transmissions and driveline test facility

Engineering consultancy Drive System Design (DSD) has opened a new test facility, allowing it to provide complete turn-key solutions to customers in the transmissions and driveline industry.

The 400m2 (4300 sq ft) test facility includes workshops and a range of highly capable test equipment for the development and validation of mechanical hardware.

The test facility houses two environmental chambers with temperature and humidity control, one of which includes a high capacity shaker rig capable of mounting a test piece of 650Kg and vibrating it at up to 2.5KHz under varying climatic conditions.

The DSD facility also includes two spin rigs: one capable of tilting in two axes to allow efficiency mapping and oil system development at speeds up to 6500rpm; the other with extensive instrumentation for general purpose transmission development. Each rig can absorb up to 60kW, sufficient for simulation of the new European drive cycle (NEDC). 

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