Friday, 25 July 2014
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HIPPI project receives BPI funding

The AREVA group and partners have received funding from the French public investment bank (BPI) for its HIPPI project.

Pioneered by the AREVA Technical Center at Le Creusot, the HIPPI process involves pouring metal powder into a specifically designed container, placing it under a press and subjecting it to a temperature of the order of 1,000°C and a pressure of 1,400 bar.

This process claimed to enable the production of large metal parts that have the same mechanical properties as wrought equipment, with the benefits of simpler methods and shorter production times. AREVA claims further that the process offers significant savings in materials and energy.

The HIPPI solution has been officially recognised by the French government for the collaborative and innovative characteristics of the Research & Development involved and for its contribution to the development of manufacturing technologies for the nuclear industry.

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