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The next industrial revolution will be (self) organised

5 Feb 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Business leaders must work together if the UK is to follow Germany into a new era of smart factories

The robotic rotorcraft is equipped with multi-joint manipulator arms for carrying and positioning various parts of structures

Factory swarm

24 Sep 2013 | By Andrew Czyzewski

Could collaborative “swarms” of worker robots help put humans out of harm’s way?


X-ray technique may boost yield of gold mines

22 Aug 2013

Australian gold mines could recover more of the precious metal following the deployment of an x-ray technique that rapidly and accurately detects gold in ore samples.


Patterns in 3D-printed objects could replace bar codes

23 Jul 2013

Researchers in the US have developed a way of building physical identification tags into 3D-printed products as an alternative to visible bar codes.


Industry 4.0: the next industrial revolution

11 Jul 2013 | By Sam Shead

Intelligent factories that link up every part of the production chain with next generation wireless automation could mark a sea change in manufacturing

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