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New group for LGBT engineers launched

19 Dec 2014 | By Stephen Harris

InterEngineering aims to help engineers improve their companies’ policies towards LGBT staff members by sharing best practice and raising awareness.


IET: Demand for 'oven-ready' engineers fuelling skills gap

31 Jul 2014 | By Stephen Harris

More companies are worried about a shortage of qualified engineers but fewer are offering training, the Institution’s annual skills survey has found.


Gunashli offshore platform in Azerbaijan

Playing the field: opportunities in the oil and gas industry

20 Feb 2015 | By Stephen Harris

Low oil prices have hit recruitment in the sector, but there are still good opportunities if you know where to look. Stephen Harris reports


New horizons: careers with engineering consultancies

29 Jan 2015 | By Julia Pierce

Opportunities at engineering consultancies aren’t just about civil engineering. Julia Pierce reports.




Engineering salaries send a worrying message to the top graduates

16 Jan 2015 | By Stephen Harris

A new survey puts graduate salaries at top engineering firms way behind those in other sectors. That’s dangerous for the companies and damaging for the whole industry.


Bright side of automation

18 Dec 2014

Even if some roles are replaced with robots, engineers and their associated skills will continue to be highly sought after, says the IET’s Stephanie Fernandes


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With the general election fast approaching, which engineering issues would you most like to see politicians address in their manifestos?