Tuesday, 02 September 2014
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IET: Demand for 'oven-ready' engineers fuelling skills gap

31 Jul 2014 | By Stephen Harris

More companies are worried about a shortage of qualified engineers but fewer are offering training, the Institution’s annual skills survey has found.

Aston Martin HQ

Recruitment boost at Aston Martin as new build facilities take shape

28 May 2014

Aston Martin has proceeded with new development work at its factory and global headquarters as the business prepares to grow its manufacturing facilities and workforce.


An Airbus A350 wing being assembled at the firm's Broughton plant

Opportunities in the aero industry supply chain

22 Jul 2014 | By Julia Pierce

The UK aerospace industry’s rich and varied supply chain offers a host of exciting and rewarding career opportunities


Plant material

13 Jun 2014 | By Julia Pierce

With the UK seemingly on the verge of a new nuclear revolution, skilled workers will experience unprecedented demand


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