Monday, 22 December 2014
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New group for LGBT engineers launched

19 Dec 2014 | By Stephen Harris

InterEngineering aims to help engineers improve their companies’ policies towards LGBT staff members by sharing best practice and raising awareness.


IET: Demand for 'oven-ready' engineers fuelling skills gap

31 Jul 2014 | By Stephen Harris

More companies are worried about a shortage of qualified engineers but fewer are offering training, the Institution’s annual skills survey has found.



Minority support: retaining female engineers

2 Dec 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Industry has made progress with recruitment, but can do more to retain female engineers

Ailie MacAdam

Driven by diversity: Bechtel's global rail boss Ailie MacAdam

18 Nov 2014 | By Jon Excell

Ailie MacAdam, one of the UK’s top engineers, is determined to use her success to inspire industry’s next generation of women




Bright side of automation

18 Dec 2014

Even if some roles are replaced with robots, engineers and their associated skills will continue to be highly sought after, says the IET’s Stephanie Fernandes

Women In Engineering 2014

Why and how industry can do more to retain its female engineers

21 Nov 2014 | By Jon Excell

The Engineer’s latest Women In Engineering special reports that while there’s tentative evidence that more women are pursuing an engineering career, industry can do more to ensure they stay.


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