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Strong sectors need a strong strategy

15 Mar 2013 | By Stuart Nathan

The government is looking to Germany for inspiration for a strong industrial policy. It’s a welcome development, but the most important lesson it could draw is that policy has to remain consistent.


UK's aerospace sector has a strong influence

22 Oct 2012 | Updated: 21 Jan 2013 | By Stuart Nathan

Aerospace is a hugely important sector for UK engineering. Employing around 113,000 people directly, with another 276,000 in the supply chain, and with an annual income of around £20billion, it’s the second-largest aerospace sector in the world and an important source of export income.


Tapping reserves of deeper insight

24 Sep 2012 | Updated: 21 Jan 2013 | By Stuart Nathan

They’re not sustainable. They release carbon dioxide. They’re dangerous to extract. They’re a major cause of geopolitical unrest, and finding alternatives to them is one of the most biggest goals of science and engineering research the world over. Nevertheless, fossil fuels are going to be a major part of all our lives for some decades to come.

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Should deepening tensions with Russia - and concerns over the impact of economic sanctions - influence the UK's energy policy?

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Europe's largest tidal array in the Pentand Firth off Orkney will eventually generate up to 86MW of power. What will it take for tidal energy to make an appreciable contribution to the UK's energy needs?

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