Student Mark Paine walks across the bridge

Meccano bridge secures world record for Belfast students Video

21 Sep 2015

Queen’s Big Bridge Build used 11,000 Meccano pieces to construct a 96ft bridge across Belfast’s Clarendon Dock.


Osborne guarantees £2bn of Chinese nuclear investment in UK

21 Sep 2015

The UK is to guarantee £2bn of Chinese investment in the Hinkley Point C nuclear project in a deal which could see China take the lead in further nuclear projects, but there is still no indication on when a final investment decision will be taken on the project.


Linda Miller

Tunnelling under the radar - How Crossrail quietly dug up London

24 Jul 2015 | By Andrew Wade

According to those working on the project, one of Crossrail’s biggest successes has been that many people are unaware of its existence. 


As well as the obvious benefits of electricity and jobs, Tidal Lagoon Power is keen to position the plant as a public amenity, with the breakwall providing 9.5km of running and cycling track

Swansea delay highlights government’s energy confusion

2 Oct 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Negotiations over funding have held back the flagship project, which aims to show proof of concept for large-scale tidal lagoon energy.


Prime time for engineering

24 Aug 2015 | By Jason Ford

A TV production company is recruiting for a series aimed at reconnecting people to the engineers that are intrinsic to everyday life but are often forgotten.



This week in 1884: Excavating the Panama Canal

17 Jul 2013 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer’s report on the machines used to create one of the modern engineering wonders of the world included hints at some of the terrible troubles it would go on to face.


This week in 1883: Opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York

29 May 2013 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer gave a detailed report of both the engineering behind the bridge that began the architectural transformation of New York and the tragic circumstances of its construction.

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