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VINCI Construction UK awarded £10.6m hospital contract

13 Jun 2014

VINCI Construction UK has been awarded £10.6m to revamp part of Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Public considers engineering a 'male profession', says IMechE

28 May 2014

The majority of the public still consider engineering as a ‘male’ profession, according to a new survey from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.



Building society: civil engineering career guide for graduates

22 Aug 2014 | By Julia Pierce

With the UK on the brink of an infrastructure renaissance, there are numerous reasons students and graduates should consider a career in civil engineering - and many options open to them.


Estuary airport

Political posturing couldn't save Boris Island

3 Sep 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

The Thames Estuary airport was one of Boris Johnson’s pet projects, but realistically he could only cheerlead and the odds were always stacked against it.


Where is the plan to develop cities that aren't London?

1 Aug 2014 | By Stephen Harris

The capital wants £1.3 trillion for its next generation of infrastructure. The rest of the country needs to start thinking big if it wants to compete.



This week in 1884: Excavating the Panama Canal

17 Jul 2013 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer’s report on the machines used to create one of the modern engineering wonders of the world included hints at some of the terrible troubles it would go on to face.


This week in 1883: Opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York

29 May 2013 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer gave a detailed report of both the engineering behind the bridge that began the architectural transformation of New York and the tragic circumstances of its construction.

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