Friday, 01 August 2014
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Cosworth: from motorsport to UAV engines

The Engineer paid a visit to UK manufacturer Cosworth to take a closer look at the technology that has taken the company from motorsport specialist to designing engines for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for the US military.

Readers' comments (22)

  • Engines to help the US make robots for killing people remotely. Yeah Cosworth!

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  • The one dimensional comment about UAVs (drones) used to attack enemy individuals vs the Cosworth link up with the US Navy is unhelpful, propagandist and doesn't help any narrow or wider debates in this area. Developing capability and being engaged is absolutely the right thing to do. Politics and balanced actions are another field that also needs our full attention.

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  • In my view political comment should be directed at politicians not supply companies. If Cosworth can supply the US that is an achievement worthy of note. The debate about the arms industry is for another platform not this one.

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  • And so those driven in pursuit of profit are guided into the manifestation of devices to inflict harm and put peoples under further levels of captivity.
    It saddens me as a father, to witness the never ending focus of technologies that could be used to augment and enhance the quality of life, being used for the entirely opposite effect.
    The next pertinent question is to ask who exactly is the enemy in these times, since this war on terra (firma) has enabled the globalist agenda to inflict great harm on mankind and all it seems in the pursuit of profit.
    For increasing numbers of people both within these isles and throughout the planet, economic terrorism through synthesised poverty through fraudulent economics of terminal debt, ensure that the ambitious and less conscientious will be drawn to the toys of genocidal and murderous design.
    The last poster suggestion that the initial comment is one dimensional is perhaps much more of a reflection of the authors own awareness and absence of compassion.
    Perhaps I am an idealist, but to bare witness to the abuse of mankind in these times whilst commercial and corporate actions ensure the same agenda unfolds and the culling and desecrations continue.
    With the energy crisis and smart grid systems being prepared for to commence rationing of energy, would it not be a far more positive image for "Cosworth" to also look to evolving more efficient energy producing systems to benefit people!
    After all, like so many corporations, the bankers and bond holders have little capacity to retain anything other than a psychopathic relationship with the people they use (employ) as a (human) resource.

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  • Those with a more thorough understanding of the topic are aware that most drones are used for reconnisance - the main aim of which is to save lives.

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  • Unfortunately, war is a consequence of many factors but most of the world is at peace. The drive for innovation is always as a result of pressure. War has always led to innovation that has been beneficial outside of the conflict. The space race was 'war' of a kind between 2 superpowers who wanted to better the other side. Any area of conflict leads to development. Evolution is just that, with the complacent dying out, and the pioneers becoming the dominant species for the niche. War will always be with us in a world with limited resouces, so lets hope that the long term results of conflict are beneficial to technology. We must accept that scientists and engineers will take technology from the creative arena and develop products and processes for the greater need.

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  • Agreed it's a one dimensional comment, but it's an important dimension. Propagandist it isn't. Expressing one side of an argument doesn't make it propaganda, and believe me, when it comes to internal propaganda there's no competing with the USA. The current unfettered march towards unmanned killing machines is chilling. Though I was never in combat I had to seriously consider the moral implications of dropping live munitions, particularly when civilians may be involved. UAVs make that process an order of magnitude more easy and remote from those responsible. There should be much more debate on this issue than the US is currently willing to entertain.

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  • Obviously the first comment here is not of particular help, but if that comment was made in the US he would no doubt have issues to contend with.

    I don't see anything special in Cosworth building/designing such engines though... as they are nothing extreme with technology. The technology is in the flight control and avionics, and not even the aircraft. RPAS is the terminology, not so much 'robots' or 'drones'. This whole new area of RPAS will develop in both civilian and military markets. RPAS Aerospace is more the technology and operation.

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  • The US don't need UAVs to kill friendly and or other forces, they do that well enough, and often enough with normal servicemen. This opportunity for Cosworth however is fantastic! It just shows the world that when top level skills and technology are required (Space, F1, WRC, MotoGP, etc. etc...) there is only one place to go, the UK. Keep our skills up and support developement opportunities like this.

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  • "Engines to help the US make robots for killing people remotely" is succinct & accurate. Anything else is muddying the water.

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