Drax Power Plant

New report labels climate change a ‘medical emergency’

23 Jun 2015 | By Andrew Wade

A major new report published by The Lancet highlights the threat to global health posed by climate change, claiming it could reverse the gains in development made over the past fifty years.


UK, France and three others may miss binding EU renewables targets

18 Jun 2015 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

Several European member states including Britain run the risk of missing their 2020 renewable energy targets, according to the latest progress report from the European Commission.



Sponsored feature: Shell's quest to close the gender gap

16 Jun 2015 | By Evelyn Adams

Oil and gas has long been a male-dominated industry. But things are beginning to change, and one of the companies helping to lead the way is one of the biggest firms in the sector: Shell.



The streetlights have a modular LED design, which can be adjusted for different road types.

​BMW unveils streetlight that doubles as EV charging station

17 Jun 2015

BMW has developed a new LED streetlight with integrated charging for electric vehicles (EVs), which it says is more energy-efficient than conventional street lighting and provides more effective illumination.


Government assistance needed for manufacturing

8 Jun 2015 | By Jason Ford

A dedicated Manufacturing Minister and a reduction in National Insurance for manufacturers taking on new staff are two measures voiced today in light of a report from BDO.


Built by the UK's General Electric Company, it was Japan's first nuclear reactor

March 1959: Japan's first nuclear power station

12 Mar 2013 | By Jon Excell

The Engineer’s 1959 article on Japan’s first nuclear power station, is a poignant reminder of both the UK’s diminished expertise in this area, and the impact of the 2011 Fukushima crisis.

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