TE Ampera charging 300

Power up: breakthrough promises solar charging for AFVs

28 Aug 2015

Researchers have wired four perovskite solar cells in series to enhance the voltage and directly photo-charged lithium batteries with 7.8% efficiency.


Low cost LED can be ‘applied like paint’

28 Aug 2015

Researchers at Florida State University in the US have developed a new highly efficient and low cost light emitting diode that could help spur more widespread adoption of the technology


U.S. Department of Energy

How the lack of STEM grads is holding back oil and gas

25 Aug 2015

This infographic suggests the energy sector is becoming data driven, but the pipeline of STEM grads isn’t there to meet its demands. 




Prime time for engineering

24 Aug 2015 | By Jason Ford

A TV production company is recruiting for a series aimed at reconnecting people to the engineers that are intrinsic to everyday life but are often forgotten.

Spent nuclear fuel

Cavern club: is deep geological disposal the best option for nuclear waste?

19 Aug 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Around 30 per cent of Britain might be geologically suitable for a nuclear disposal facility, but towns around the UK aren’t volunteering in droves to host it.


Built by the UK's General Electric Company, it was Japan's first nuclear reactor

March 1959: Japan's first nuclear power station

12 Mar 2013 | By Jon Excell

The Engineer’s 1959 article on Japan’s first nuclear power station, is a poignant reminder of both the UK’s diminished expertise in this area, and the impact of the 2011 Fukushima crisis.

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Following the tragic Shoreham air show crash, regulators have announced that vintage jets will now be prohibited from performing aerobatics over land at such events. With which of the following statements do you most strongly agree.