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Dawn of the Cybermen

23 Mar 2015 | By Jason Ford

A festival at the Science Museum looks at how technology might help humans to ’upgrade’ themselves, while the UK’s quantum technologies have heir day in the sun.

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It's about time we had a proper transport infrastructure strategy

20 Mar 2015 | By Stephen Harris

The new Northern Powerhouse transport strategy should be welcomed and scrutinised not just moaned about.

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Plans have been announced for TuNur, a 2GW concentrated solar power facility in Tunisia that would be connected to the European electricity grid

This week's poll: growing solar power

24 Mar 2015

Use of solar power is predicted to increase to 4 per cent of total UK energy by the end of the decade, but the industry is concerned about the withdrawal of subsidies for large installations. What measures could best help solar compete with other energy sources?

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Why the 'Made in Britain' label on cars is becoming more accurate

16 Mar 2015 | By Jason Ford

In the week of the Coalition’s final budget, a new Automotive Council report shows access to finance is still limiting a recent surge in the UK car industry supply chain.


Cross-party support and parental misgivings

9 Mar 2015 | By Jason Ford

Many parents see apprenticeship schemes as worthwhile, but only if someone else’s child is doing one.

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A long journey for LISA

6 Mar 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The ‘exquisite’ Lisa Pathfinder spacecraft demonstrates how pushing the limits of science in space expands the capabilities of engineering on Earth

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Forth Rail Bridge

The Forth Bridge, and mastering water power today

2 Mar 2015 | By Jason Ford

Briefing looks both forward and backward today, marking the anniversary of one of Britain’s most iconic Victorian structures and the announcement of bold plans in tidal energy

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Capital projects and safe fracking

23 Feb 2015 | By Jason Ford

Best practise for fracking to ensure gas can be harvested safely come under focus this week, along with engineering in London and the EEF’s National Conference 

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Will we ever want to wear a computer on our face?

20 Feb 2015 | By Stephen Harris

Sony is taking orders for its attempt at smart glasses just as Google has gone back to the drawing board. But electronic eyewear could be taking them down a blind alley.

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Abbey Mills exterior

Celebrations for London's other Underground

16 Feb 2015 | By Jason Ford

The Prince of Wales will be helping to mark the 150th anniversary of one of London’s (and the Victorian era’s) defining civil engineering works, Joseph Bazalgette’s sewerage system, improvements to which are still underway.

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Watching us, watching who?

13 Feb 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The line between appliance and service is blurring, and that presents challenges for provider and customer alike.

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ESA gears up for space taxi launch Video

9 Feb 2015 | By Jason Ford

Scheduled for launch this Wednesday the European Space Agency’s IXV could represent the first step towards a European version of NASA’s shuttle programme

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mark chapman

Of celebrities and celebrations

20 Mar 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger is annoyed by the adulation of Kanye West’s wife’s bottom ahead of people who actually help humanity

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Mont Blanc

The emotional factor for successful products

17 Feb 2015 | By David Falzani

Companies need to think about how they can add ‘emotional value’ to their products, says Sainsbury Management Fellows’ president David Falzani

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secret engineer

Non-Safety Aids

16 Feb 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

The recent cold snap reminded our anonymous blogger why he likes to run an old car

Robert Langer

Deep impact

12 Feb 2015

Engineering has been shown to have a significant, positive effect not only on the economy but also on individuals’ lives, says Paul Jackson

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​Nearly getting arrested helped promote my business: why you should take risks to bring your engineering idea to life

11 Feb 2015 | By Laurence Kemball-Cook

Laurence Kemball-Cook, entrepreneur and inventor of the Pavegen tile that generates electricity from footsteps, explains why he had to break the rules to get his company off the ground.

car interior

Next generation cars for the digital world

3 Feb 2015

With the increasing number of electronic devices available in vehicles at all levels of the market, automotive engineers face a difficult challenge in ensuring that drivers can expect good quality service from all the services available to them.

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Arup induction

How you can become a chief engineer

26 Jan 2015 | By Shaun Simmons

You can start to build the skills you’ll need to get to the top even before you leave university, says Shaun Simmons, managing director of engineering at Cordant Recruitment.


Reflections on boundary crossing

19 Jan 2015

Iain Gray has now left his position as chief executive of Innovate UK, and looks back on what he learned about how diferent sectors influence each other in unexpected ways

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Volunteering my engineering skills has helped me change lives in Africa

14 Jan 2015 | By Sophie McPhillips

Sophie McPhillips, water engineer and NCE Graduate of the Year, explains why a placement with Engineers Without Borders is so rewarding and how you can get a start in international development.

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It's patently obvious – isn’t it?

13 Jan 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the development of the patent system, and wonders whether it’s still fit for purpose

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20 women engineers.jpg

How to turn around the image of engineering

13 Jan 2015 | By David Falzani

Guest blogger David Falzani presents some practical ideas on how engineering can exploit emotional connections to make itself more attractive

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Use of solar power is predicted to increase to 4 per cent of total UK energy by the end of the decade, but the industry is concerned about the withdrawal of subsidies for large installations. What measures could best help solar compete with other energy sources?