It's estimated that around 110 million landmines are buried in 70 countries around the world.

Minefield clearance requires innovation and investment

31 Jul 2015 | By Andrew Wade

110 million landmines are estimated to be buried worldwide, but new techniques are being developed to help remove these indiscrimate killers. 


This week's poll: UK fighter aircraft

28 Jul 2015

For many years now, the RAF’s frontline fighters have been the result of international projects, a trend which will continue when the F35 Lightning II is delivered. Which of these options best reflects your opinion on this?

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BRE in Hertfordshire is taking part in IET's Engineering Open House series of events

EEF calls for targeted support for manufacturing export, innovation and investment

27 Jul 2015 | By Jason Ford

Manufacturing is enjoying the fruits of economic recovery, but concerns remain over skills and investment

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Linda Miller

Tunnelling under the radar - How Crossrail quietly dug up London

24 Jul 2015 | By Andrew Wade

According to those working on the project, one of Crossrail’s biggest successes has been that many people are unaware of its existence. 

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28-29 Christchurch earthquake.jpg

Disaster planning and showcasing manufacturing

20 Jul 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

As the summer season begins, engineers can get a taste of humanitarian work and show off their photography skills


The week ahead: aerial superiority and skills in the spotlight

13 Jul 2015 | By Jason Ford

The prime minister’s call for greater investment in drones is likely to be high on the agenda at this week’s “Securing the skies” conference

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Selfie stick

Digital divide: a missed opportunity in the age of the selfie stick

10 Jul 2015 | By Jason Ford

The ubiquity of digital devices should alert even the most modest manufacturer to the benefits of doing business online

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Will summer budget spell the end for public industry subsidies?

6 Jul 2015 | By Jason Ford

The renewables sector is one of many key areas of industry nervously awaiting this Wednesday’s budget

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F1 Testing In Jerez - Day Four

Progress or excess? – Motorsport's role in the engineering industry

3 Jul 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Ahead of the British Grand Prix, we look at the engineering benefits that motorsport delivers to the real world. 

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Project Manager Nisrine Chartouny with some of the women constructing the new Crossrail Farringdon Station

Industry's gender divide takes centre stage

22 Jun 2015 | By Jon Excell

It’s national women in engineering day this week, and though there’s plenty to celebrate, industry’s gender gap shows few signs of closing

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JLR is looking into monitoring driver brainwaves through the steering wheel.

Never say 'Never' - Is JLR right to steer clear of the driverless car?

19 Jun 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Jaguar Land Rover’s director of Research and Technology, Dr Wolfgang Epple, said recently that JLR will never make a driverless car. But is this a realistic stance for one the UK’s leading automotive manufacturers?

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Paris Air Show launches with the spotlight on propulsion, manufacturing and jobs

15 Jun 2015 | By Jason Ford

The annual international aerospace jamboree’s French leg starts this week, while in the UK, Bloodhound announces its debut.

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secret engineer

Let's tackle the engineering shortfall head-on

17 Jul 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

With the exception of Bloodhound, industry’s missing a trick when it comes to using high-profile projects to inspire future engineers

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female engineer

Diversity is key

13 Jul 2015 | By Paul Jackson

Work experience has been identified as one way employers can reach young people from a wide range of backgrounds


Testing Times – vehicle safety, interoperability and performance

3 Jul 2015

Guest blog Anthony Martin, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Chief Engineer at MIRA, explains how next generation cars are changing the face of EMC testing.

secret engineer

The changing face of engineering recruitment

16 Jun 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger wonders whether the shortage of skilled engineers has forced recruitment agencies to up their game

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What is a British manufacturing company today?

16 Jun 2015 | By David Falzani

What defines a country’s nationality, and does it actually matter? Our guest blogger, the president of Sainsbury Management Fellows, looks at the issues

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A lot of distance with a little fuel, and a lot of effort

5 Jun 2015

The Shell Eco-marathon embodies the innovation that young would-be engineers need to succeed in the field, says the chief executive of EngineeringUK

David Falzani

Where Did All The Money Go?

19 May 2015 | By David Falzani

The Balance of Payments used to dominate political debate, but it’s been mentioned only rarely since the early 1980s. David Falzani looks at the effects of global flows and uses of capital.

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secret engineer

Trust me...I'm an engineer

13 May 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on one of the few times he’s had reason to proudly proclaim his profession to a stranger

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Engineering in the NHS: preventing infection and moving materials

5 May 2015

The chief executive of Engineering UK looks at some of the innovations that are helping the NHS face the future

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16 parliament.jpg

Who deserves the engineering vote?

22 Apr 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Engineering hasn’t had much of a mention in the run up to the election. Perhaps that’s because it’s one of the few things the major parties agree on. 

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First Impressions of Aerospace at Cranfield University

14 Apr 2015 | By Iain Gray

We are delighted to welcome Iain Gray back to our guest blogging roster in his new position as director of aerospace at Cranfield University. In his first blog, he describes his new role and gives his first impressions of the institution.

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For many years now, the RAF's frontline fighters have been the result of international projects, a trend which will continue when the F35 Lightning II is delivered. Which of these options best reflects your opinion on this?