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Commemorating engineers' role in WW1

28 Jul 2014 | By Jason Ford

In the centenary year of the 20th Century’s devastating conflict, the spotlight falls on how British engineers supported the military effort while themselves making great sacrifices.

TE Stanmore robot surgery

Could engineers help improve the NHS?

25 Jul 2014 | By Stephen Harris

A new report calls for hospitals to have their own chief engineer. But would their skills be limited by a management role?

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HS2 makes an early arrival in Birmingham Video

21 Jul 2014 | By Jason Ford

The construction headquarters of the new high-speed rail network are to be moved to England’s Second City as part of a £130m investment.

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Does a UK space port actually make sense?

Spaceport support?

18 Jul 2014 | By Stephen Harris

The prospect of a UK spaceport being built has generated plenty of public excitement but does it actually make sense for the aerospace industry?

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Farnborough kicks off with £1.1bn announcement Video

14 Jul 2014 | By Jason Ford

Today marks the start of the Farnborough International Airshow, the biennial aviation festival where the Prime Minister is expected to detail £1.1bn of new defence spending.

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Hailing the driverless taxi

11 Jul 2014 | By Jon Excell

Autonomous urban transport technology will fundamentally change the way we get from A to B

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The week ahead: Training, entrepreneurs and submariners

7 Jul 2014 | By Jason Ford

Pedal-powered submarines will be racing around Gosport ocean basin this week, while new centres for measurement technology and engineering training are opening

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TE Davinci

The sharp end Video

4 Jul 2014 | By Jason Ford

As robot-assisted surgery gains popularity to help improve the outcome of cancer surgery, The Engineer gets a chance to observe at close quarters how surgeons use state-of-the-art equipment

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Queen Elizabeth

A life on the ocean wave begins

30 Jun 2014 | By Jason Ford

Naming day approaches for the Royal Navy’s new flagship, the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

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18 young engineers

Some engineers wear hard hats. Even women.

27 Jun 2014 | By Stephen Harris

There are far too many clichés in media coverage of engineering. But let’s not assume all young people want to work in an office.

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Creating a Northern powerhouse, and celebrating Britain's historical ingenuity

23 Jun 2014 | By Jason Ford

George Osborne is set to propose a trans-Pennine high speed rail link, while the EEF claims there is a need for British engineering heroes

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Harley-Davidson Motor Company Left View

An electric Harley Davidson shows how mainstream EVs have become

20 Jun 2014 | By Stephen Harris

The iconic motorbike manufacturer is following a trend for low-emission vehicles that 10 years ago would have been unthinkable.

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carrier blog

Launching the Queen of the Navy

29 Jul 2014

On 4 July 2014 the Aircaft Carrier programme hit national headlines with the naming of HMS Queen Elizabeth. But as guest blogger David Downs explains, this marks the start of the most challenging phase of the build

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secret engineer

Out into the Big Wide World

15 Jul 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

A personal brush with the engineering skills shortage prompts our anonymous blogger to ask whether industry is making the best use of its young engineers

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Competition, innovation and picking races

8 Jul 2014

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board reflects on the results of the poll to pick the subject which will benefit from the £10million Longitude Prize

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old oak common

Staying audible above electioneering

7 Jul 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The engineering community must be heard to influence the upcoming election manifestos, says the EngineeringUK chief executive

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McLaren MP4-29

Beautiful noise

26 Jun 2014

 With the British Grand Prix approaching, Mira senior engineer Tom Lee continue his series of articles on noise, vibration and harshness with a look at the current furore over the noise made by the new generation of turbo-equipped Formula One cars

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From rivets and looms to carbon fibre and biotech

20 Jun 2014 | By Iain Gray

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board visits Northern Ireland, and witnesses the regeneration of the province’s industrial capabilities


Unsung heroes

17 Jun 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the role played by engineers in the D-Day landings

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Showcases to help inspire Video

9 Jun 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The White House’s annual STEM fair is a vital showcase to honour and recognise young innovators, and acts as a spur to get people involved in science, engineering and technology. The UK should follow suit with an event at 10 Downing St, argues the chief executive of Engineering UK

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Quiet life is best for military vehicles

6 Jun 2014

Guest blog Tom Lee, Senior Engineer at MIRA, explains how military personnel can be protected from noise and vibration while on patrol in their specialist vehicles

secret engineer

Unreasonable expectations?

22 May 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Once an occassional phenomenon the super-tight timescale is increasingly seen as the “norm” by those at the top. But is this fair on those of us further down the food chain?

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20 women engineers.jpg

How Your Life aims to boost both engineering and equality

19 May 2014 | By Paul Jackson

EngineeringUK Chief Executive, Paul Jackson explains how the government’s latest campaign is about more than gender equality, and how his organisation is working to meet its pledges.

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