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secret engineer

Boris and the Vacuum Cleaner

21 Oct 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Manufacturers need to take the lead in persuading consumers to put efficiency before power writes our anonymous blogger


A cheer for 'The Year of the Engineer'

6 Oct 2014

The chief executive of EngineeringUK was encouraged by some of the messages coming out of the recent Conservative Party conference


Low Carbon Vehicles come of age

2 Oct 2014

The chief executive of InnovateUK explains the progress made in low-carbon vehicles

The HMS Queen Elizabeth float out took place in July 2014

Two carriers take shape at Rosyth Video

1 Oct 2014

David Downs, Engineering Director of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, highlights the progress being made on the UK’s two new aircraft carriers.

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Giving engineers a voice in government

22 Sep 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger calls on Britain’s engineers to engage in the political process


Head start from blurred lines

15 Sep 2014 | By Iain Gray

The CEO of the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, argues that blurring the lines between early stage research and commercialisation can give the UK a global head start in emerging technologies


Tomorrow's engineers today

11 Sep 2014 | By Paul Jackson

Specialist teachers and expert advice are vital to help young people realise their potential if they want to go into engineering, says the chief executive of EngineeringUK

secret engineer

The mechanisation of war

11 Aug 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the role played by engineers in the First World War

Dumfries House

Prince of Wales gets behind engineering education

11 Aug 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The Chief Executive of EngineeringUK explains how Prince Charles is lending his weight to engineering education

Robots at work in JLR's Halewood plant

The robot innovation challenge

8 Aug 2014 | By Iain Gray

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board explains how the UK is supporting R&D in the field of robotics and autonomous systems


Integration makes the difference

5 Aug 2014

New guest blogger Dave Wykes explains the engineering problems behind developing electric vehicles, and how MIRA has approached them to develop a proposal for a hybrid urban commercial vehicle


Army technicians engineer inspiration with Bloodhound SSC

1 Aug 2014 | By Major Oli Morgan

Education is an important part of the Bloodhound project, and Major Oli Morgan explains how the Army engineers seconded to the team are helping to raise awareness of engineering and enthusing Blooodhound’s young fans through hands-on projects

carrier blog

Launching the Queen of the Navy

29 Jul 2014

On 4 July 2014 the Aircaft Carrier programme hit national headlines with the naming of HMS Queen Elizabeth. But as guest blogger David Downs explains, this marks the start of the most challenging phase of the build

secret engineer

Out into the Big Wide World

15 Jul 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

A personal brush with the engineering skills shortage prompts our anonymous blogger to ask whether industry is making the best use of its young engineers


Competition, innovation and picking races

8 Jul 2014

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board reflects on the results of the poll to pick the subject which will benefit from the £10m Longitude Prize

old oak common

Staying audible above electioneering

7 Jul 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The engineering community must be heard to influence the upcoming election manifestos, says the EngineeringUK chief executive

McLaren MP4-29

Beautiful noise

26 Jun 2014

 With the British Grand Prix approaching, Mira senior engineer Tom Lee continue his series of articles on noise, vibration and harshness with a look at the current furore over the noise made by the new generation of turbo-equipped Formula One cars


From rivets and looms to carbon fibre and biotech

20 Jun 2014 | By Iain Gray

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board visits Northern Ireland, and witnesses the regeneration of the province’s industrial capabilities


Unsung heroes

17 Jun 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the role played by engineers in the D-Day landings


Showcases to help inspire Video

9 Jun 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The White House’s annual STEM fair is a vital showcase to honour and recognise young innovators, and acts as a spur to get people involved in science, engineering and technology. The UK should follow suit with an event at 10 Downing St, argues the chief executive of Engineering UK

Quiet life is best for military vehicles

6 Jun 2014

Guest blog Tom Lee, Senior Engineer at MIRA, explains how military personnel can be protected from noise and vibration while on patrol in their specialist vehicles

secret engineer

Unreasonable expectations?

22 May 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Once an occassional phenomenon the super-tight timescale is increasingly seen as the “norm” by those at the top. But is this fair on those of us further down the food chain?

20 women engineers.jpg

How Your Life aims to boost both engineering and equality

19 May 2014 | By Paul Jackson

EngineeringUK Chief Executive, Paul Jackson explains how the government’s latest campaign is about more than gender equality, and how his organisation is working to meet its pledges.

20 women engineers.jpg

Widening the appeal of engineering

12 May 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The EngineeringUK Chief Executive explains the organisation’s role in the Your Life campaign.


Making progress towards profits from graphene

9 May 2014 | By Iain Gray

Sorting the facts about the potential of graphene from the hype is becoming increasingly important for the Technology Strategy Board, as it seeks to support companies working towards commercial exploitation of the new material, as its chief executive explains.

secret engineer

High hopes

15 Apr 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

The search for Flight MH370 has highlighted unrealistic public expectations of the capability of engineers writes our anonymous blogger


Aiming for the target

11 Apr 2014 | By Iain Gray

As the time for setting budgets approaches, the Technology Strategy Board’s chief executive explains how the TSB’s new action plan was developed


Changing minds and breaking records

10 Apr 2014 | By Paul Jackson

We are finally seeing an improvement in public attitudes towards engineering, says the chief executive of EngineeringUK

secret engineer

Leveraging Your Learnings

7 Apr 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Engineers must resist the temptation to adopt the nebulous jargon of the marketing department writes our anonymous blogger


Harnessing the power of virtual sound development

4 Apr 2014

Paul Delderfield, NVH Technical Leader at MIRA, explains how MIRA uses simulation to obtain information on the sound charateristics of vehicles


Why large firms fail to live up to the lean dream

17 Mar 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger questions whether large manufacturers are as lean as they like to think they are


Vocational route to engineering needs support

7 Mar 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The support given by the UCAS system needs to be available for students who choose the vocational path into engineering careers, says Paul Jackson, the chief executive of EngineeringUK, ion his latest guest blog


Catalysts accelerate innovation reaction

6 Mar 2014 | By Iain Gray

The Biomedical Catalyst programme is proving to be a model for building a bridge over the ‘valley of death’ between research and commercialisation, says Iain Gray, chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board, in his latest guest blog


The hollow ring of Olympic glory

26 Feb 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the unsung engineering heroes behind the recent Winter Olympics


Tackling the talent pipeline

20 Feb 2014

No single group can have a monopoly on the development of engineers: employers, teachers, universities and trade unions must all play a role, says Paul Jackson, chief executive of EngineeringUK, in his latest guest blog.

30-31 McLaren_PP_Portimao_70.jpg

Shaping the sound of future vehicles

14 Feb 2014

Tom Lee, Senior Engineer at MIRA, explains how automobile manufacturers are tuning the sounds produced by the vehicles, both inside and outside the cabin.

tai kwon do

Innovation as a contact sport

4 Feb 2014

In his latest Guest Blog, Iain Gray, chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board, explains how the launch of a new company, Knowledge Transfer Network Ltd, will help UK companies and research institutions to pool their resources and enhance the ‘contact sport’ of innovation

carrier blog

Start of a momentous year for Carrier project

3 Feb 2014 | By David Downs

This is a big year for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, with the float-out of Queen Elizabeth scheduled for the summer. Guest blogger David Downs presents his latest project update.

John Perkins

The Era of Engineering

20 Jan 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The government is keen to promote engineering as a career that is vital to the future of the country, says EngineeringUK chief executive Paul Jackson in his guest blog; but it’s vital to make sure this momentum doesn’t plateau


Welcome recognition

16 Jan 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

The presence of Ron Ayers - one of the UK’s most celebrated engineers - on this year’s honours list is cause for celebration writes our anonymous blogger

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