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secret engineer

Never Forget

13 Nov 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the sacrifices made by those working in industry furing the Second World War


Becoming image conscious

13 Nov 2015

If we are serious about attracting more women, our industry needs to explore its use of images and the messages conveyed

carrier 2

A small distance but a big step

5 Nov 2015 | By David Downs

Construction of the second of the UK’s new aircraft carriers has seen 26,500tonnes of ship moved by 17m; the largest such operation ever in the UK.

A Room with a View?

27 Oct 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger muses on his new working environment as he settles into Sleepy Hollow (hopefully staying awake and avoiding any decapitated equestrians)

Demand outstripping supply

9 Oct 2015 | By Paul Jackson

It would be a disaster if a shortage of skills negatively affected the delivery of priority infrastructure projects, says the chief executive of Engineering UK

mira security automotive

Hackers after your car? Tackling automotive cyber security

24 Sep 2015

With the growing number of wireless systems on today’s cars, there are more opportunities for hackers to access vehicles, both remotely and physically. Guest blogger Paul Wooderson of HORIBA MIRA explains how the industry is trying to make cars safe from cyber-attack

secret engineer

Everyone’s an Expert

24 Sep 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger ponders the irritating rise of the armchair engineer


Top three errors of innovating engineering and technology start-ups

14 Sep 2015 | By David Falzani

Sucessful start-ups are the exception rather than the rule. Guest blogger David Falzani explains some of the most common mistakes


A little appreciation would be nice

18 Aug 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Public recognition of the value of engineering is one thing, but industry itself also needs to give its most skilled practitioners more credit.

carrier blog

As one carrier nears completion, another prepares for sea trials

4 Aug 2015 | By David Downs

Construction on both Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales aircraft carriers is approaching important milestones  

brunel chamber

Summer season for young engineers

4 Aug 2015 | By Paul Jackson

Budding engineers will be able to see behind the scenes at many fascinating sites over the summer, or prepare entries for the Big Bang Awards if it’s raining, ays the chief executive of Engineering UK.

secret engineer

Let's tackle the engineering shortfall head-on

17 Jul 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

With the exception of Bloodhound, industry’s missing a trick when it comes to using high-profile projects to inspire future engineers

female engineer

Diversity is key

13 Jul 2015 | By Paul Jackson

Work experience has been identified as one way employers can reach young people from a wide range of backgrounds


Testing Times – vehicle safety, interoperability and performance

3 Jul 2015

Guest blog Anthony Martin, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Chief Engineer at MIRA, explains how next generation cars are changing the face of EMC testing.

secret engineer

The changing face of engineering recruitment

16 Jun 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger wonders whether the shortage of skilled engineers has forced recruitment agencies to up their game


What is a British manufacturing company today?

16 Jun 2015 | By David Falzani

What defines a country’s nationality, and does it actually matter? Our guest blogger, the president of Sainsbury Management Fellows, looks at the issues


A lot of distance with a little fuel, and a lot of effort

5 Jun 2015

The Shell Eco-marathon embodies the innovation that young would-be engineers need to succeed in the field, says the chief executive of EngineeringUK

David Falzani

Where Did All The Money Go?

19 May 2015 | By David Falzani

The Balance of Payments used to dominate political debate, but it’s been mentioned only rarely since the early 1980s. David Falzani looks at the effects of global flows and uses of capital.

secret engineer

Trust me...I'm an engineer

13 May 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on one of the few times he’s had reason to proudly proclaim his profession to a stranger


Engineering in the NHS: preventing infection and moving materials

5 May 2015

The chief executive of Engineering UK looks at some of the innovations that are helping the NHS face the future

16 parliament.jpg

Who deserves the engineering vote?

22 Apr 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Engineering hasn’t had much of a mention in the run up to the election. Perhaps that’s because it’s one of the few things the major parties agree on. 


First Impressions of Aerospace at Cranfield University

14 Apr 2015 | By Iain Gray

We are delighted to welcome Iain Gray back to our guest blogging roster in his new position as director of aerospace at Cranfield University. In his first blog, he describes his new role and gives his first impressions of the institution.

Group Workshop

Six ways for engineering firms to tackle their skills problems

13 Apr 2015

Jon Blaze, head of recruitment operations at Jonathan Lee Recruitment, argues companies can take action to minimise the chances of encountering difficulties in hiring suitably skilled staff.


Making a lasting impression Video

13 Apr 2015

The Paul Jackson blog The Chief Executive of EngineeringUK discusses this year’s Big Bang fair

Dolly Parton performing at Glastonbury 2014

Dolly Parton and the Industrial Internet of Things

8 Apr 2015

National Instruments’ Kyle Voosen examines the benefits, challenges and solutions that will drive the development of the industrial internet of things


Generation preparation on board the Navy's new flagship

2 Apr 2015 | By David Downs

Assembly work continues on the second QE class carrier, Prince of Wales, while Queen Elizabeth prepares for life independent of the shore


Why diversity (and disagreement) are key for success

30 Mar 2015 | By David Falzani

How does diversity really work and why should we seek it? Guest blogger David Falzani of Sainsbury Management Fellows looks at the issues

mark chapman

Of celebrities and celebrations

20 Mar 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger is annoyed by the adulation of Kanye West’s wife’s bottom ahead of people who actually help humanity

Mont Blanc

The emotional factor for successful products

17 Feb 2015 | By David Falzani

Companies need to think about how they can add ‘emotional value’ to their products, says Sainsbury Management Fellows’ president David Falzani

secret engineer

Non-Safety Aids

16 Feb 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

The recent cold snap reminded our anonymous blogger why he likes to run an old car

Robert Langer

Deep impact

12 Feb 2015

Engineering has been shown to have a significant, positive effect not only on the economy but also on individuals’ lives, says Paul Jackson


​Nearly getting arrested helped promote my business: why you should take risks to bring your engineering idea to life

11 Feb 2015 | By Laurence Kemball-Cook

Laurence Kemball-Cook, entrepreneur and inventor of the Pavegen tile that generates electricity from footsteps, explains why he had to break the rules to get his company off the ground.

car interior

Next generation cars for the digital world

3 Feb 2015

With the increasing number of electronic devices available in vehicles at all levels of the market, automotive engineers face a difficult challenge in ensuring that drivers can expect good quality service from all the services available to them.

Arup induction

How you can become a chief engineer

26 Jan 2015 | By Shaun Simmons

You can start to build the skills you’ll need to get to the top even before you leave university, says Shaun Simmons, managing director of engineering at Cordant Recruitment.


Reflections on boundary crossing

19 Jan 2015

Iain Gray has now left his position as chief executive of Innovate UK, and looks back on what he learned about how diferent sectors influence each other in unexpected ways


Volunteering my engineering skills has helped me change lives in Africa

14 Jan 2015 | By Sophie McPhillips

Sophie McPhillips, water engineer and NCE Graduate of the Year, explains why a placement with Engineers Without Borders is so rewarding and how you can get a start in international development.


It's patently obvious – isn’t it?

13 Jan 2015 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the development of the patent system, and wonders whether it’s still fit for purpose

20 women engineers.jpg

How to turn around the image of engineering

13 Jan 2015 | By David Falzani

Guest blogger David Falzani presents some practical ideas on how engineering can exploit emotional connections to make itself more attractive

Trent XWB

Despite sucesses, we still need more engineers

12 Jan 2015

Engineering contributed more than a quarter of the UK’s GDP last year, says the chief executive of Engineering UK, but we need to double the number of graduates and apprentices entering the industry.

secret engineer

Turning dreams to reality is rarely risk free

18 Dec 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Sad news reached my desk just as the last Secret Engineer Blog was sent.

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