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secret engineer

High hopes

15 Apr 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

The search for Flight MH370 has highlighted unrealistic public expectations of the capability of engineers writes our anonymous blogger


Aiming for the target

11 Apr 2014 | By Iain Gray

As the time for setting budgets approaches, the Technology Strategy Board’s chief executive explains how the TSB’s new action plan was developed


Changing minds and breaking records

10 Apr 2014 | By Paul Jackson

We are finally seeing an improvement in public attitudes towards engineering, says the chief executive of EngineeringUK

secret engineer

Leveraging Your Learnings

7 Apr 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Engineers must resist the temptation to adopt the nebulous jargon of the marketing department writes our anonymous blogger


Harnessing the power of virtual sound development

4 Apr 2014

Paul Delderfield, NVH Technical Leader at MIRA, explains how MIRA uses simulation to obtain information on the sound charateristics of vehicles


Why large firms fail to live up to the lean dream

17 Mar 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger questions whether large manufacturers are as lean as they like to think they are


Vocational route to engineering needs support

7 Mar 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The support given by the UCAS system needs to be available for students who choose the vocational path into engineering careers, says Paul Jackson, the chief executive of EngineeringUK, ion his latest guest blog


Catalysts accelerate innovation reaction

6 Mar 2014 | By Iain Gray

The Biomedical Catalyst programme is proving to be a model for building a bridge over the ‘valley of death’ between research and commercialisation, says Iain Gray, chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board, in his latest guest blog


The hollow ring of Olympic glory

26 Feb 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the unsung engineering heroes behind the recent Winter Olympics


Tackling the talent pipeline

20 Feb 2014

No single group can have a monopoly on the development of engineers: employers, teachers, universities and trade unions must all play a role, says Paul Jackson, chief executive of EngineeringUK, in his latest guest blog.

30-31 McLaren_PP_Portimao_70.jpg

Shaping the sound of future vehicles

14 Feb 2014

Tom Lee, Senior Engineer at MIRA, explains how automobile manufacturers are tuning the sounds produced by the vehicles, both inside and outside the cabin.

tai kwon do

Innovation as a contact sport

4 Feb 2014

In his latest Guest Blog, Iain Gray, chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board, explains how the launch of a new company, Knowledge Transfer Network Ltd, will help UK companies and research institutions to pool their resources and enhance the ‘contact sport’ of innovation

carrier blog

Start of a momentous year for Carrier project

3 Feb 2014 | By David Downs

This is a big year for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, with the float-out of Queen Elizabeth scheduled for the summer. Guest blogger David Downs presents his latest project update.

John Perkins

The Era of Engineering

20 Jan 2014 | By Paul Jackson

The government is keen to promote engineering as a career that is vital to the future of the country, says EngineeringUK chief executive Paul Jackson in his guest blog; but it’s vital to make sure this momentum doesn’t plateau


Welcome recognition

16 Jan 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

The presence of Ron Ayers - one of the UK’s most celebrated engineers - on this year’s honours list is cause for celebration writes our anonymous blogger

KTP winners

Linking research with innovation

16 Jan 2014 | By Iain Gray

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board explains how Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) represent a good deal for all involved

road train

Could highway trains be the future of mass public transport?

14 Jan 2014

A new type of vehicle, combining electric ‘carriages’ and a diesel ‘locomotive’, could provide public transport on roads in the future. Guest blogger Richard Morris of MIRA explains.

Empty the contents on the floor and burn the instructions

A call to arms

12 Dec 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger proposes a radical festive solution to industry’s skills gap


A big step forward in energy policy

29 Nov 2013 | By Iain Gray

The starting gun on the Hinkley Point C project is a signal for the Technology Strategy Board to up its efforts to establish a nuclear supply chain in the UK, says its chief executive


A Big Bang at Parliament on 4th November

26 Nov 2013 | By Paul Jackson

The first Tomorrow’s Engineers Week showed the importance of promoting engineering careers to young people and demonstrating the importance of engineering to decision-makers, says the chief executive of EngineeringUK

The cost of peace

13 Nov 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger asks why, with so many more pressing challenges facing humanity, conflict remains the most potent spur for innovation?

secret engineer

Too many Institutions?

8 Nov 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

Engineers need to speak with one voice so could it be time to axe some institutions asks our anonymous blogger?


Product design: first impressions count

29 Oct 2013 | By Stephen Phillips

It’s important for product designers to consider the appearance and shape of an object as well as its functionality, says guest blogger Stephen Phillips of Arup

David Willetts

Recent promises are promising for tomorrow’s engineers

24 Oct 2013 | By Paul Jackson

EngineeringUK Chief Executive, Paul Jackson, is pleased by the government’s support for science and engineering careers, but sees the need to raise the awareness of young people to the attractions of technology

secret engineer

Where's my life of unfettered indolence?

16 Oct 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger asks whether technology designed to make life easier has actually had the opposite effect

carrier blog

Queen Elizabeth settles down

11 Oct 2013 | By David Downs

Some tricky manoeuvres are accompanying the current phases of Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier project, as Carrier Alliance engineering director David Downs explains


The economy is recovering but it’s not yet rebalancing

11 Oct 2013

Progress has been made but the government is in danger of undermining its own industrial strategy, says the CEO of manufacturers’ organisation EEF, Terry Scuoler.


Creative differences

8 Oct 2013

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board muses on the common ground between engineering and the creative industries, among Britain’s top export earners

TE Blog MIRA Baxendale

Electric, Hybrid or Alternative Fuel Cars – Which Will Prevail?

3 Oct 2013

Three lower-carbon technologies are competing to replace internal combustion engine vehicles. Derek Charters, Technical Manager at MIRA, takes a look at their advantanges and disadvantages

secret engineer

The passing of an engineering icon

26 Sep 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the life of autogyro pioneer, Wing Commander Ken Wallis.

secret engineer

Form or Function?

12 Sep 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on the balance between aesthetics and practicality


Good signs for STEM, but still work to do

10 Sep 2013 | By Paul Jackson

The chief executive of Engineering UK finds much good news in the latest crop of STEM GSCE and A-level results, but careers advice and resources still need attention


Outstanding in our field

9 Sep 2013 | By Iain Gray

Mankind’s oldest challenge finding sustainable ways of growing food, and food and drink is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector. The Technology Strategy Board has a number of initiative to help this, explains its chief executive

secret engineer

Of tracers and traceability

5 Sep 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger reflects on thedata storage implications of ever-more powerful design tools


Construction CO2 emissions: the reduction challenge

22 Aug 2013 | By Kristian Steele

There has been much attention paid to reducing the energy needed to run building systems, but we must also consider the carbon associated with putting the building there in the first place, says Kristian Steele


What is Intelligent Mobility?

12 Aug 2013 | By Tim Edwards

Increasing demand for personal mobility and advances in connectivity technology mean that we have to be much more precise about defining what we mean about transport and accessibility, says guest blogger Tim Edwards


Putting innovation on the road

5 Aug 2013 | By Iain Gray

Encouraging innovation in the supply chain is an integral part of the Technology Strategy Board’s mission to help the UK maximise the income it can generate from the science base, says its chief executive

secret engineer

Dream Job

31 Jul 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

Amidst all the moaning about status and pay, it’s easy to forget that engineering is one of the most enjoyable careers imaginable


Flying the flag for British industry

24 Jul 2013 | By The Secret Engineer

75 years on from The Mallard Britain still produces engineers who can, and do, take on the world writes our anonymous blogger


Concentrating facilities and expertise

8 Jul 2013 | By Iain Gray

The ‘Catapult’ concept of concentrating facilities and expertise in fast-growing sectors is beginning to bear fruit, as guest blogger Iain Gray, the chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board, explains

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