Thursday, 23 October 2014

Parker is a vocal champion of the highly efficient open rotor engine concept

Ric Parker: Director of research and technology, Rolls Royce

17 Oct 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Rolls Royce’s research chief talks to Stephen Harris about the technologies that he believes could shape the future of the aerospace and energy sectors

KD Rennert

Klaus-Dieter Rennert, CEO and chairman, Hitachi Europe

16 Sep 2014

Next stop, UK: Stuart Nathan talks to Klaus-Dieter Rennert about Hitachi’s plans for the UK and Europe, as well as the industrial giant’s focus on growth in the rail and medical sectors

Christofer Toumazou

Christofer Toumazou, Regius Professor of medical engineering, Imperial college

19 Aug 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Money from nothing: Commercialising technology involves convincing people to invest in something that hasn’t existed before. Stuart Nathan talks to an old hand in the art

Browne is the chairman of Cuadrilla Resources and a partner in private equity firm Riverstone

Carbon chief: Lord Browne

21 Jul 2014 | By Stephen Harris

The former BP boss talks to Stephen Harris about fracking, fossil fuels and the business case for diversity


Ten minutes with the inventor of 3D printing

14 Jul 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Charles (Chuck) W Hull, co-founder and chief technology officer of 3D Systems, talks to The Engineer about how he invented the stereolithography process


Lockheed Martin technology chief Dr Ray O Johnson

8 Jul 2014 | By Jon Excell

The technology chief at the world’s biggest defence firm talks to us about laser weapons, unmanned systems, quantum computing and the future of manufacturing

Hartung is a passionate advocate for new technology

Dr Stefan Hartung - Bosch energy and building technology chief

16 Jun 2014 | By Jon Excell

Domestic and commercial building technology can help to save the planet - argues one of Bosch’s top engineers - but only if it’s nice to use. Jon Excell report


Ten minutes on the Racetrack with Prof Stuart Parkin

10 Jun 2014 | By Jason Ford

Prof Stuart Parkin is used to being honoured by his peers but in May 2014 he found himself in receipt of one of the world’s most prestigious accolades for achievements in science.


Vlatko Vlatkovic, head of engineering, GE Power Conversion

27 May 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

General Electric’s head of energy conversion explains how renewables are coming closer to achieving parity with levels of energy generated from fossil fuels.


Q&A with spacecraft engineer Abbie Hutty

12 May 2014

Inspired to pursue a career in space by the late Prof Colin Pillinger’s Beagle II mission, Abbie Hutty is now developing the rover for the European Space Agency’s upcoming ExoMars mission

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