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Appetite for success: food and drink industry careers for engineering graduates

16 Oct 2014 | By Ellie Zolfagharifard

The food industry is Britain’s largest and arguably most important manufacturing sector - and offers some fascinating jobs for engineers.



Working together in perfect harmony

12 Sep 2014 | By Jon Excell

Could a new generation of “human-ish” industrial robots able to work alongside their human counterparts help spread automation to even the smallest of engineering firms?


The connected world and beyond

4 Jun 2014 | By Jon Excell

The first day of The Engineer conference gave glimpses of the future of manufacturing, the importance of long-term investment and how we will continue to explore our neighbouring planets

An overhead view of the facility

October 1960: High speed wind tunnels

15 Oct 2014 | By Jon Excell

In October 1960, The Engineer reported on the opening of two new high speed wind tunnels at the Warton Aerodrome, near Preston. 

fire engines

September 1914: Electric emergency vehicles

10 Sep 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Electric vehicles were being used by the emergency services a century ago, and were seen as the best technological option

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