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Blisk business

16 Sep 2015

A CMM is helping a jet engine manufacturer keep pace with the demands of the production line


Industry 4.0 smart factory systems

Industry 4.0. Do you know what it is yet?

20 May 2015 | By Jon Excell

Industry 4.0 is changing the world of manufacturing, but what - if anything - does it mean for the UK’s SME heartland?

Kathleen Kennedy

May the Force be with the engineers

11 Nov 2014

The chief executive of InnovateUK confesses to his fear of Darth Vader and praises the efforts of engineers in the UK’s world-leading special effects industry.

La Foudre

October 1894: The aluminium torpedo boat

30 Sep 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

A wonder of its day, the first aluminium military vessel, a torpedo boat, caused a stir when it appeared in the Thames. But the wonder-metal had later problems


August 1915: The Board of Invention

5 Aug 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The Engineer’s opinions on the foreruners of today’s Research Councils were sceptical and, to today’s eyes, surprisingly jaundiced

More Classic Archive

  • White paper: Becoming the Factory of the Future – How to Prepare Now for the Industrial Internet of Things

    Fri, 2 Oct 2015 17:28 GMT

    The Internet is the prevailing medium of digital communication worldwide. However, the concept of using instant, pervasive, and globally connected data over the Internet for the benefit of industrial manufacturing is still in its theoretical stages, with few Internet-friendly industrial technologies actually available in the market to put the concept into practice.

  • Technical article: 3D Printing Technologies for Prototyping and Production

    Fri, 2 Oct 2015 16:55 GMT

  • Data sheet: Peek Hi-Bar Flange Mount Safety Screens

    Mon, 28 Sep 2015 14:47 GMT

    The Lee Company now offers a complete line of flange mount, Hi-Bar Safety Screens made entirely from PEEK (Poly- EtherEtherKetone), a high performance engineering thermoplastic with excellent chemical resistance and superior me- chanical properties. These lightweight, high-strength polymer screens feature robust, single-piece construction that can withstand pressure differentials up to 1,000psid without rupture. 

  • Case study: Integrated welding cell cuts production times

    Mon, 28 Sep 2015 12:08 GMT

    An ABB robotic welding cell is enabling agricultural machinery manufacturer Shelbourne Reynolds to dramatically reduce production times for its range of articulated hedge cutting tractor attachments. Handling the several hundred welds entailed in the production of the attachments, the cell has so far cut welding process times by 66 per cent compared to the company’s previous manufacturing process. 

  • Case study: RoboFold demonstrates the art of robotics

    Mon, 28 Sep 2015 12:04 GMT

    London-based design consultancy RoboFold is quite literally demonstrating the art of robotic technology. The company is using two ABB IRB6400 industrial robots to help architects and designers to explore new ways of bending and forming metal, opening up new possibilities for architectural and furniture design. 

  • Brass options from Hi-Bar Flange Mount Safety Screens

    Tue, 22 Sep 2015 17:13 GMT

    The range of Hi-Bar Flange Mount Safety Screens available from Lee Products now includes options made entirely from brass, per ASTM B16/B16M.

  • Delta robot has scalable, open-architecture robot control

    Fri, 18 Sep 2015 13:29 GMT

    The RCP-Delta is available in four models that support payloads up to 3kg, with X/Y operating ranges of 500/800/1,100/1,300mm, and an optional continuous rotation about the Z axis (yaw).

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