LOCUST displays potential for multifunctional UAV swarms Video

17 Apr 2015

The US Navy is demonstrating a development version of a system to launch an autonomous swarm of drones for a variety of missions.

Cyber security

Airbus takes charge of system to protect military against cyber-attack

10 Apr 2015 | By Jason Ford

A system designed to verify and mitigate cyber attacks on military assets is being developed by Airbus Group Innovations.

Dr. Majid Minary, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, was senior author of the study

New structures 'tougher than Kevlar'

27 Mar 2015

Researchers have created new structures that stretch to up to seven times their length and remain stronger than Kevlar, a development with wide ranging applications in armour plating.

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gate sensor

Rapid single-electron sensor has promise for quantum devices

24 Apr 2015

A European team in Cambridge has designed a sensor that can detect the charge on a single electron in the fastest time ever recorded.

Google Glass

UK researchers develop ultra-thin displays

24 Apr 2015 | By Julia Pierce

A team from Oxford University has created an entirely new class of ultra-thin, ultra-high resolution displays with nanosecond access speed and no power consumption in static mode.


The Engineer Q&A: Hadron Collider restart

20 Apr 2015

A rare opportunity to quiz the engineers enabling the world’s leading investigation into the nature of the universe

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A nanofibre thread designed for use in medical sutures could enter clinical trials later this year in surgery to repair injured shoulders

Nanofibre thread spun into surgical sutures

23 Apr 2015 | By Helen Knight

A nanofibre thread designed for use in medical sutures could enter clinical trials later this year in surgery to repair injured shoulders.

TE surgeon surgery 487

Software pins down correct vertebra for surgery

15 Apr 2015

Researchers have developed a software program that works with currently available procedures to assist surgeons in determining which vertebra to operate on.


Printable biosensors to speed diagnosis

9 Apr 2015

Researchers in Canada have developed a new way to print paper biosensors, an advance that could simplify the diagnosis of many bacterial and respiratory infections.

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Rail & Marine

TE George Osborne

Osborne unveils packages for science, industry and regions in Budget

18 Mar 2015

Britain’s hard-pressed oil and gas industry received a boost in Parliament today when George Osborne announced £1.3bn worth of measures to support the industry.

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The Solar Impulse aircraft is about to begin its Pacific crossing. Does this project represent any useful technological advances?