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Synthetic skin helps create new chemical weapon decontaminant

18 Sep 2014 | By Stephen Harris

Ministry of Defence (MOD) scientists say their new material will make testing decontamination of chemical weapons more realistic.


US military funds soft exoskeleton for enhanced soldiers Video

18 Sep 2014

Harvard University’s Wyss Institute has received $2.9m from DARPA to continue development of a lightweight bodysuit to improve wearers’ stamina.


General Dynamics UK awarded £3.5bn armoured vehicle contract

3 Sep 2014

General Dynamics UK is to build 589 SCOUT Specialist Vehicles for the British Army in a contract worth £3.5bn.

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Single electron is key to prolonged power in electronic devices

30 Sep 2014

Researchers have created technology that could be the first step toward more efficient batteries for wearable computers and smartphones.  

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Graphene reduces complexity and cost and of touchscreens

26 Sep 2014

Graphene treated nanowires could soon replace current touchscreen technology, claim researchers in the UK and Ireland.


Graphene flaws improve gas sensing sensitivity

23 Sep 2014

Flaws in graphene are being exploited to create a highly sensitive chemical sensor.

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Award-winning material set to reduce dental implant failure

25 Sep 2014 | By Stephen Harris

A material that could help prevent artificial teeth implants falling out has won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s first launchpad competition for young entrepreneurs.


Smooth muscle mimic to advance asthma drug testing

24 Sep 2014

A Harvard University team has developed a human airway muscle-on-a-chip that could be used to test new asthma drugs.


Tumour-simulating chip to test cancer treatments

23 Sep 2014

A chip that simulates a tumour’s microenvironment will test the effectiveness of cancer treatments. 

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Easy-to-pilot personal submarine set for launch Video

28 Aug 2014

The inventor of a new personal submarine set to launch next week is hoping to create a new niche market for would-be adventurers who have no professional training in underwater navigation.

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