The technology could be used to thwart UAV-based terror attacks

Drone defence system could thwart UAV terror attacks

9 Oct 2015

UK engineers have unveiled technology designed to identify and disable rogue UAVs


Lockheed begins laser weapon manufacture

8 Oct 2015

US defence giant Lockheed Martin is to begin manufacturing a new generation of high-powered laser weapons.

The Artisan radar system was developed by engineers at BAE Systems

QE carrier radar detects tennis ball sized objects more than 25km away

6 Oct 2015

An advanced 3D radar system has been installed aboard the Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

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Researchers have measured how the atoms within electrically insulating solids reorient due to an applied electric field. Shown here for Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3, bismuth ions (purple) align along the electric field direction relative to their surrounding titanium i

Researchers observe atomic movements to better understand dielectric materials

2 Oct 2015

Researchers have measured the behaviour of atoms in dielectric materials exposed to an electric field, a development that will improve the understanding of the ubiquitous substance.

X-ray of a human hand

​Optical sensors bring light touch to robot hands

29 Sep 2015

Embedded fibre optic sensors in robotic hands enable much greater sensitivity to pressure and force.

Inside the casing

Bringing data storage and handling to hot, dusty and humid environments

25 Sep 2015 | By Chris Pickering

How would a software engineer, a dance teacher and a helicopter pilot set out to help the Third World? In the case of William Weatherholtz from Utah and the rest of his seven-strong team it was through an entry to Inveneo’s ARM Micro-Data Center Design Challenge.

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The fracking industry has grown in rapidly in the US in recent years

Fracking wells linked to high-risk pregnancies

9 Oct 2015

Johns Hopkins study found women living near fracking wells were up to 40 per cent more likely to give birth prematurely.

Brain electrode

Flexible electrodes promise more effective brain function studies Video

9 Oct 2015

A system for implanting electrodes in the brain which do not damage the tissues they are supposed to be studying may help doctors gain better understanding of neurological diseases and disorders

James’s inflatable MOM Incubator folds up to the size of a briefcase, and is planned to cost just a few hundred pounds

Incubation innovation: saving babies' lives

6 Oct 2015 | By Andrew Wade

The Student Engineer talks with James Roberts, inventor of the multi-award winning MOM inflatable incubator. 

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Rail & Marine


Osborne invites Chinese firms to bid for HS2 contracts

24 Sep 2015

George Osborne has urged Chinese firms to bid to build HS2, the UK’s proposed new high-speed rail network.

The factory will be used to produce new class 800 InterCity Express (IEP)

Hitachi opens new UK train factory

7 Sep 2015

A new £82m rail manufacturing facility has been opened by Hitachi in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.

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The Chancellor has announced that a politically neutral Commission is to oversee infrastructure projects in the UK. Chaired by former Labour transport secretary Lord Adonis, it will seek to streamline and speed up approval and planning processes. Which sector of the infrastructure should be its first priority?