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UK research aims for pervasive mobile robotics

2 Mar 2015 | By Julia Pierce

Scientists are developing mobile robotic systems with situational awareness for use in sectors including space, defence and agriculture.


BAE Systems and MoD sign £859m Type 26 contract

20 Feb 2015

BAE Systems has signed a contract worth £859m with the Ministry of Defence to continue with the progression of the Type 26 Global Combat Ship.


See Spot run Video

12 Feb 2015

The robotic menagerie at Boston Dynamics has grown with the addition of Spot.

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Novel light response makes material with promise for sensors

17 Feb 2015

Researchers have synthesised a material that can be used to create plasmonic devices that respond to light in the mid-infrared range, an advance with applications in solar energy.


Vibrating glove uses ultrasonic echolocation to help the blind

12 Feb 2015 | By Julia Pierce

Two manufacturing engineering and management students from Nottingham University have developed a glove that uses vibration signals to alert blind people to the proximity of objects.

his electron microscope image shows tiny nanoparticles of bismuth ferrite embedded in a polymer film. The film enhances the unique electric and magnetic properties of bismuth ferrite and preserves these properties even when bent

Flexible film could have wearable tech applications

11 Feb 2015

Researchers from South Korea have taken a step toward more bendable electronic devices. 

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Home kidney disease monitoring with £10 device

25 Feb 2015 | By Julia Pierce

A new £10 medical device that combines nanotechnology with a pregnancy test-style kit could allow day-to-day monitoring of kidney disease by patients in their own homes.


Graphene targets cancer stem cells

25 Feb 2015

Scientists have used graphene to target and neutralise cancer stem cells. 

Dr Kianoush Nazarpour, Newcastle University

Spring studies receive £5.3m to develop assistive and rehabilitative devices

24 Feb 2015

A prosthetic hand that provides sensory feedback is one of three projects to share £5.3m in funding to develop assistive and rehabilitative devices.

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Rail & Marine

TE Glider

Funding awarded to ocean-going robot projects

18 Feb 2015

Five bidders will share £250,000 to develop autonomous robots tasked with monitoring conditions in the ocean

Trackside solar panels could help reduce running costs

Solar panels could slash rail operating costs claims report

11 Feb 2015

Trackside solar panels could save the UK rail network upto £150m over a five-year period, according to a study carried out by engineering consultancy WSP.


International collaboration aims to launch eco-friendly ships

23 Jan 2015

Research is underway to design large ocean-going vessels with improved hydrodynamics for better fuel efficiency.

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