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​Biomedical wearable for battlefield casualties

27 Aug 2015

Nasal clip measures heart rate and respiration, transmitting data to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

The Type 26 Global Combat Ship will be a globally deployable, multi-mission warship capable of undertaking a wide range of roles

David Brown Gear Systems secures largest single order with Type 26 contract

6 Aug 2015 | By Jason Ford

David Brown Gear Systems has been awarded the largest single order in its 150-year history to deliver gearboxes for the Type 26 Global Combat Ship programme.



Job security: Opportunities in combating cyber crime

16 Jul 2015 | By Helen Knight

The growing threat of cyber crime is creating a wide range of career opportunities for engineers.


The race to remanufacture

16 Jul 2015 | By Evelyn Adams

3D printing is giving old machines and equipment a new lease of life. But can the new technology perform as well as the original part?


The BAE VR system uses laser tracking and a wand to allow users to interact with the vessels in a 3D environment.

Immersive worlds - How virtual reality is shaping our future Video

14 Aug 2015 | By Andrew Wade

From designing the Royal Navy’s latest submarines, to training facial surgeons, virtual reality is finally making itself useful. 


Could we still fly the flag?

29 Jul 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

The RAF has the fewest fighter aircraft in its history, but hasn’t flown an all-British fighter for decades. Other countries build their own and sell them abroad. Why don’t we?


AVRO Lincoln

February 1946: the last of the piston-engined bombers

4 Feb 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Soon to be superseded by the jet-powered V-bombers, the Lincoln represented the last gasp of WWII technology for the RAF.


April 1874: The 81-ton gun

23 Apr 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Britain’s largest guns to date were designed for shipboard use aboard the Royal Navy’s latest warships

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Following the tragic Shoreham air show crash, regulators have announced that vintage jets will now be prohibited from performing aerobatics over land at such events. With which of the following statements do you most strongly agree.