The NS honeycomb structures are able to provide repeated protection from multiple impacts, offering more durability than existing honeycomb technology.

Honeycomb structure offers energy-absorbing applications Video

16 Jun 2015

Researchers in the US have created a new honeycomb-like structure designed to withstand heavy impacts.

Bristol chromophore

Squid skin display mimic has promise for camouflage and alert systems Video

16 Jun 2015

A soft robotics system has shown the ability to mimic patterns used by squid to distract prey



Out of the cage: Rethinking robotics

18 Jun 2015 | By Evelyn Adams

A new breed of robots is emerging that could help labour-intensive industries to cut costs and boost efficiency.


Ethical hacking: cyber-security career guide for engineering graduates

15 Jan 2015 | By Stephen Harris

The rapid pace of technology development means every day is different when you’re defending against cyber attacks.



Highlighting the importance of innovation

18 May 2015 | By Jason Ford

Several events this week are aiming to throw a spotlight on the importance of innovation, both for the economy and for improving people’s lives


Generation preparation on board the Navy's new flagship

2 Apr 2015 | By David Downs

Assembly work continues on the second QE class carrier, Prince of Wales, while Queen Elizabeth prepares for life independent of the shore


AVRO Lincoln

February 1946: the last of the piston-engined bombers

4 Feb 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Soon to be superseded by the jet-powered V-bombers, the Lincoln represented the last gasp of WWII technology for the RAF.


April 1874: The 81-ton gun

23 Apr 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Britain’s largest guns to date were designed for shipboard use aboard the Royal Navy’s latest warships

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