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Skills and finance key to £30bn supply chain boost

20 Oct 2014

The UK economy could be £30bn better off by 2025 if concerted efforts are made now to revitalise domestic supply chains.


HMS Artful completes successful maiden dive Video

9 Oct 2014

The Royal Navy’s latest hunter-killer submarine has successfully completed her maiden dive prior to sea trials in 2015.



On target: defence career guide for graduate engineers

8 Oct 2014 | By Jason Ford

Defence  - which brings in one of the widest ranges of engineering disciplines of any sector - offers graduates a host of opportunities at the cutting edge of technology

Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Warfighter wearables: how advanced display technology is shaping the soldier of the future

17 Sep 2014 | By Jon Excell

Head-mounted virtual and augmented reality display technology is beginning to make a mark in the defence sector.



E-borders fiasco highlights the need for expert scrutiny

20 Aug 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

The fiasco over the cancellation of the contract with Raytheon to deliver the UK’s e-borders system could have been avoided if more engineers were involved in decision making.

Robots at work in JLR's Halewood plant

The robot innovation challenge

8 Aug 2014 | By Iain Gray

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board explains how the UK is supporting R&D in the field of robotics and autonomous systems



April 1874: The 81-ton gun

23 Apr 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Britain’s largest guns to date were designed for shipboard use aboard the Royal Navy’s latest warships


March 1917: Submarine warfare

5 Mar 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

As the First World War raged and following a shock attack on neutral merchant ships, the government was anxious to quell public concern about the threat to shipping posed by German U-boats

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