Robot guide for Amsterdam airport

27 Nov 2015

‘Spencer’ will navigate around Schipol using lasers and maps, helping passengers get to their gates on time.

Schematic of a laser beam energizing a monolayer semiconductor made up of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). The red glowing dots are particles excited by the laser.

Monolayer breakthrough heralds better displays

27 Nov 2015

Researchers in the US have made a breakthrough that could speed the development of improved LED displays.


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Electric drivetrain innovations: How tomorrow's cars will drive

9 Nov 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Electric impact: What do innovations in electric drivetrains mean for cars and drivers?

Paul Hilkens

Sponsored feature: Cross technological borders with Océ

11 Sep 2015

Océ – A Canon Company at the forefront of digital printing technology, is looking for bright and ambitious engineers to work in an exciting, multidisciplinary environment.




Government expenditure in the frame

23 Nov 2015 | By Andrew Wade

The Defence Review heralds an increase in spending, with new aircraft announced, although a cut in planned number of new ships, but the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement later this week is likely to unveil cuts elsewhere.

Industry is waiting to hear from new Business Secretary Sajiv Javid MP

Innovate 2015 puts focus on new technology and government science budget

9 Nov 2015 | By Andrew Wade

The UK’s showcase event to attract overseas interest in innovation and new technology coincides with a report from a parliamentary committee calling for a commitment to increase science funding


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The UK government's latest defence review has included the announcement of increased spending on aircraft and special forces units. Meanwhile, the latest HM Treasury autumn statement is expected to include deep cuts which might hit health, industry and science. Which of these statements is closest to your feelings?