The boxfish has survived in the oceans for the past 35 million years.

Boxfish shell could inspire new form of body armour

30 Jul 2015

The boxfish’s hexagonal scales fuse together to provide both strength and flexibility.


Cash prize offered for automated harvester that replaces manual labour

29 Jul 2015

A cash prize of $200,000 is being offered to the innovator who develops an automated blueberry-harvesting machine that can replace manual labour.



Job security: Opportunities in combating cyber crime

16 Jul 2015 | By Helen Knight

The growing threat of cyber crime is creating a wide range of career opportunities for engineers.

An alternative to autonomy

16 Jul 2015 | By Andrew Wade

Jaguar Land Rover is focusing on developing systems that assist drivers rather than replace them.



BRE in Hertfordshire is taking part in IET's Engineering Open House series of events

EEF calls for targeted support for manufacturing export, innovation and investment

27 Jul 2015 | By Jason Ford

Manufacturing is enjoying the fruits of economic recovery, but concerns remain over skills and investment


Testing Times – vehicle safety, interoperability and performance

3 Jul 2015

Guest blog Anthony Martin, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Chief Engineer at MIRA, explains how next generation cars are changing the face of EMC testing.


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For many years now, the RAF's frontline fighters have been the result of international projects, a trend which will continue when the F35 Lightning II is delivered. Which of these options best reflects your opinion on this?