Researchers have measured how the atoms within electrically insulating solids reorient due to an applied electric field. Shown here for Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3, bismuth ions (purple) align along the electric field direction relative to their surrounding titanium i

Researchers observe atomic movements to better understand dielectric materials

2 Oct 2015

Researchers have measured the behaviour of atoms in dielectric materials exposed to an electric field, a development that will improve the understanding of the ubiquitous substance.

X-ray of a human hand

​Optical sensors bring light touch to robot hands

29 Sep 2015

Embedded fibre optic sensors in robotic hands enable much greater sensitivity to pressure and force.



Blisk business

16 Sep 2015

A CMM is helping a jet engine manufacturer keep pace with the demands of the production line

Paul Hilkens

Sponsored feature: Cross technological borders with Océ

11 Sep 2015

Océ – A Canon Company at the forefront of digital printing technology, is looking for bright and ambitious engineers to work in an exciting, multidisciplinary environment.




Giant robot duel challenge raises stakes for UK mechatronics

15 Sep 2015

Government and industry must show urgency and agility if Britain is to take a lead in the global market for advanced robotics. 


Prime time for engineering

24 Aug 2015 | By Jason Ford

A TV production company is recruiting for a series aimed at reconnecting people to the engineers that are intrinsic to everyday life but are often forgotten.


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The Chancellor has announced that a politically neutral Commission is to oversee infrastructure projects in the UK. Chaired by former Labour transport secretary Lord Adonis, it will seek to streamline and speed up approval and planning processes. Which sector of the infrastructure should be its first priority?