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Enhanced ultrasound penetrates bone and metal

21 Nov 2014

Researchers have developed a technique that allows ultrasound to penetrate bone or metal using customised structures that offset distortions caused by aberrating layers.

TE surgeon surgery 487

Imperial College opens miniature medical robot factory

14 Nov 2014

A new centre dedicated to the next generation of miniaturised medical devices and robots has opened in London.


The global number of cases in the Ebola outbreak has exceeded 10,000, with 4,922 deaths. Three countries with shared borders – Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea – account for all but 10 of the fatalities

Engineering a response to Ebola

11 Nov 2014 | By Paul Jawor

Paul Jawor, director of Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain’s Technical Task Force for Ebola, talks about the role that engineering can play in winning the battle against West Africa’s devastating Ebola outbreak.



Apprenticeships, infrastructure and innovation

17 Nov 2014 | By Jason Ford

Apprenticeships represent an incredible chance to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workplace, but are enough people taking the opportunity?

gresley statue

Honouring yesterday's engineers and the creativity of tomorrow's engineers

3 Nov 2014 | By Jason Ford

The unveiling of a statue of one of the leading engineers of Britain’s Age of Steam marks the beginning of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week. 


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With police this week warning a House of Lords committee that off-the-shelf “drones” are being used to harass people, there are growing calls for tighter regulations to prevent criminal use of the technology. Are these concerns justified? With which of the following statements do you most strongly agree?