Saturday, 31 January 2015


A new electrophysiological sensor developed at North Carolina State University is as accurate as the 'wet electrode' sensors used in hospitals for EKGs and EMGs, but can be used for long-term monitoring and is more accurate than existing sensors when a pa

Silver nanowire wearable sensors match hospital 'wet electrode' accuracy

21 Jan 2015

Researchers have developed a new, wearable sensor that uses silver nanowires to monitor electrophysiological signals including EKG and EMG. 


Chaotic cavity key to high-quality laser images

20 Jan 2015

A new semiconductor laser has the potential to improve the imaging quality of next generation, high-tech microscopes and biomedical imagery, researchers claim.



Power Dressing: why it's exoskeleton time

15 Dec 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Technological and societal trends have triggered a race to develop wearable exoskeletons that augment a user’s strength for a range of applications.


Can technology help the health service off the critical list?

28 Jan 2015 | By Jon Excell

Politicians are missing a trick by failing to recognise the role that engineers could play in alleviating the UK’s healthcare crisis.


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A bill calling for a moratorium on fracking until more is known about its environmental impact has been defeated in the House of Commons. Which statement best reflects your opinion on this?