Friday, 31 October 2014


The gold nanonparticules on the surface of this receiving tab modify the colour of light detected by the instrument. The captured colour perfectly reflects the exact concentration of the medication in the blood sample

Nanoscale device optimises dose of toxic cancer drug

27 Oct 2014

A new nanoscale device is able to rapidly detect a patient’s blood for a potentially toxic cancer drug.


Device monitors noisy knees to diagnose osteoarthritis

24 Oct 2014

UK researchers have developed a device that identifies osteoarthritis through sounds emitted by the body.


Robots at work in JLR's Halewood plant

The robot innovation challenge

8 Aug 2014 | By Iain Gray

The chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board explains how the UK is supporting R&D in the field of robotics and autonomous systems


Rosetta stone for understanding science application

6 Aug 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

Nobody knows what spin-offs might come from space missions. But as the Rosetta comet-chaser shows, they will come.


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With UK electricity capacity expected to reach a seven year low this winter (4 per cent) which of the following should be prioritised in order to keep the lights on?