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TE George Osborne

Osborne unveils packages for science, industry and regions in Budget

18 Mar 2015

Britain’s hard-pressed oil and gas industry received a boost in Parliament today when George Osborne announced £1.3bn worth of measures to support the industry.

TE Glider

Funding awarded to ocean-going robot projects

18 Feb 2015

Five bidders will share £250,000 to develop autonomous robots tasked with monitoring conditions in the ocean



It's about time we had a proper transport infrastructure strategy

20 Mar 2015 | By Stephen Harris

The new Northern Powerhouse transport strategy should be welcomed and scrutinised not just moaned about.


Cross-party support and parental misgivings

9 Mar 2015 | By Jason Ford

Many parents see apprenticeship schemes as worthwhile, but only if someone else’s child is doing one.


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Use of solar power is predicted to increase to 4 per cent of total UK energy by the end of the decade, but the industry is concerned about the withdrawal of subsidies for large installations. What measures could best help solar compete with other energy sources?