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TE George Osborne

Osborne unveils packages for science, industry and regions in Budget

18 Mar 2015

Britain’s hard-pressed oil and gas industry received a boost in Parliament today when George Osborne announced £1.3bn worth of measures to support the industry.

TE Glider

Funding awarded to ocean-going robot projects

18 Feb 2015

Five bidders will share £250,000 to develop autonomous robots tasked with monitoring conditions in the ocean



It's about time we had a proper transport infrastructure strategy

20 Mar 2015 | By Stephen Harris

The new Northern Powerhouse transport strategy should be welcomed and scrutinised not just moaned about.


Cross-party support and parental misgivings

9 Mar 2015 | By Jason Ford

Many parents see apprenticeship schemes as worthwhile, but only if someone else’s child is doing one.


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The Solar Impulse aircraft is about to begin its Pacific crossing. Does this project represent any useful technological advances?