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Nissan unveils 'world’s first' self-cleaning car

Nissan has begun tests on innovative paint technology that repels mud, rain and dirt.

The specially engineered super-hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, which repels water and oils, has been applied to a prototype version of the new Nissan Note.


Developed by Florida-based chemical clean-up specialist UltraTech International the paint, which is called Ultra-Ever Dry, is already used in a number of industrial applications. Nissan, however, is the first carmaker to apply the technology on automotive bodywork.

The surface of the coating is comprised of nano-scale patterns of geometric shapes with high-points that help to create a low surface energy. This causes droplets of water to touch a very small percentage of the coating.

The innovative coating can be used for a range of applications

The water in the droplet that does not touch these “high points” is held together by intermolecular cohesive forces of the water molecules.

This effectively creates a protective layer of air between the paint and environment, and stops standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the car’s surface.

Nissan is the first carmaker to apply the coating to automotive bodywork

Engineers at Nissan Technical Centre Europe will be testing the self-cleaning Note over the coming months in a variety of conditions. According to the company, it has already responded well to rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water.

The Nissan Note already features a ‘wash and blow dry’ function on its rear view camera. This uses water and compressed air to automatically keep the lens free of dirt and ensure the Notes’ safety sensors work in all conditions.


Whilst there are currently no plans for the technology to be applied to the model as standard, the company said that it is considering the coating technology as a future aftermarket option.


Readers' comments (11)

  • I hope it is durable.

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  • How about dust? Ok for the UK where it rains all the time!

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  • What are the RF characteristics? Using it on an antenna reflector would help keep snow and ice off.

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  • I am sure that there are many animals which have similar skills/properties -the ability to 'shake-off' water for example. Perhaps another technique would be found in some type of induced vibration of the body-shell of the vehicle when stationary. The Kent whirling disc on the bridge windows of sea-going vessel's another.

    Mike B

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  • Made a car which have a function of convert heat energy into other form as water,cooling car,use as battery stored energy

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  • The ecological benefits resulting from the water saved could be enormous. I am refering to the all the uses shown not just for cars.

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  • There was a fuss, and a similar video made about this sort of coating about 5 years, so it seems Nissan have sprayed it on a car and made another pretty video...

    I'd like to know: what it feels like to the touch, and if its going to rub off...

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  • Anybody remember 'The man in the White Suite' film starring Alec Guinness?
    I like the idea of a self-cleaning car (especially on lights and windows), but I can see a lot of angst in the car cleaning services sector!

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  • How about strong adhesives ,eggs, or paints ?

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  • How nice, if this material could be a part of exterior paint ! The total appearance of buildings would change. Even if it is a coat over existing paint, that does not rub off, it will be great, since no algae or fungus could survive without wetness.
    Bring it out quickly

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