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To see ourselves as others see us

22 Apr 2015 | By Stuart Nathan

Society holds up a mirror to engineering, showing the profession how it is regarded. Here, Stuart takes a look at some recent examples of real and fictional engineers and STEM workers on screen and stage, and observes a worrying liking for booze, questionable ethics and some appealing housing.

salary Survey

Take part in The Engineer Salary Survey 2015

14 Apr 2015

Are you paid fairly? Could you earn more in another sector? How much could you earn if you take the next step in your career? We’re conducting an industry-wide salary survey designed to give you the answers to those very questions.


Engineering for inspiration

13 Apr 2015 | By Jason Ford

A new TV show is looking for young engineers who are working on projects that capture the imagination


Could smart software kill the designer?

10 Apr 2015 | By Jon Excell

Next generation artificially intelligent engineering software will take many decisions out of the designer’s hands. Should engineers be worried?

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