Monday, 22 September 2014
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Cuadrilla's fracking operation in Lancashire

Should we leave fossil fuels in the ground to limit climate change?

22 Sep 2014 | By Jason Ford

A carbon research organisation claims that more than half of existing fossil fuel reserves should be left where they are to reduce the chance of global average temperatures increasing by more than 2 per cent, while fracking is under discussion in Manchester this week.

16 parliament.jpg

Giving engineers a voice in government

22 Sep 2014 | By The Secret Engineer

Our anonymous blogger calls on Britain’s engineers to engage in the political process


Why does the UK still have so few female engineers?

19 Sep 2014 | By Jon Excell

With the well publicised engineering gender gap showing few signs of closing, efforts must now be focused on ensuring that industry hangs onto its most talented women.

Dounreay birds eye view

Don't neglect Scotland's nuclear legacy

17 Sep 2014 | By Stuart Nathan

The history of nuclear technologies in Scotland has left a valuable repository of unique skills, which the independence debate has not touched upon. This expertise should not be allowed to fade away

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