Thursday, 18 September 2014
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Last week's poll: the right route to HS2?

HS2 chair David Higgins has proposed speeding up the construction of the northern section of the controversial rail network, building a new hub at Crewe, and scrapping the HS2 - HS1 link. With which of the following statements do you most closely agree?

The anti-HS2 lobby were out in force among the 754 respondents to last week’s poll, with a clear majority — 55 per cent — saying that the scheme in an unnecessary waste of money and should be scrapped. The next largest group, 19 per cent, thought David Higgins’ proposals didn’t fast-track the Northern sections of the line enough, while 17 per cent thought the proposals did not address the country’s transport needs. Only 5 per cent thought the proposals address the concerns about HS2, while 3 per cent couldn’t pick one of our options.

HS2 chart

Please let us know what you think about the results of this poll.

Readers' comments (36)

  • I agree with statement 1.
    "The proposals adequately address fundamental concerns and maximise the benefits of HS2".

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  • HS2 is an unnecessary waste of money. The money could be better spent on improving the current rail infrastructure at fraction of the cost.
    High speed rails have failed in some countries due to highter ticket costs. Most people will travel in slower train if they save on ticket price.
    Also the projected figures of # of people travelling in HS2 is unrealistic. You will never fill the trains -very ambitious but unrealistic passenger #s.
    HS2 is a white elephant that should be scrapped.

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  • Though a step in the right direction the proposals don’t go far enough in fast-tracking the Northern sections of the network

    Read more:

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  • If the project commenced from Leeds only and the infrastructure between Northern Cities were significantly improved, then I could start to support the project.
    All HS2 does in its current form is to increase investment into London and starve the regions of much needed investment.
    I would feel much better if we were assured that there will be enough electricity available to power our factories in the future by UK based investment in Nuclear Power and Fracking.

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  • The government would do better by using the £50bn to build 300,000 council houses. That would also allow the Tories to get elected.

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  • HS2 will be damaging rather than beneficial to communities - and to commuters. The environmental impact has not been given full consideration or care (the devastation and destruction to wildlife around the historical village of Wendover being just one example). The effect the building of HS2 would have on communities, including housing, noise pollution, and destruction of whole residential areas has also been ill considered. Moreover, the building of the line does not benefit the areas of the UK that are so lacking in adequate transport - because it serves to benefit only existing rail links at an ever slightly faster rate. Also, it will have an adverse effect on daily London commuters in the Euston area in particular - with the lessening of platforms and lessening of running of non-high speed trains. It is not a fair distribution of money/transport improvements. It is a squander of public money, especially in times of severe public welfare need.

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  • David Higgins has shown the huge benefit for UK transport infrastructure by co-coordinating network rail infrastructure spend and HS2. I only wish the Northern sections could be built at the same time as the southern sections. We need to get this project under-way asap and finish it asap. David Higgins is the right man to deliver this project ahead of time and on budget, thinking 50 years ahead might be a first for the UK but at least we are now doing it with HS2 and Network Rail.

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  • Statement 3 just about sums up the whole investment into our failing infrastructure. A lack of basic maintenace sees the decline of transport systems across the whole of the UK.

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  • HS2 is unnecessary, a colossal waste of our money, and a vanity project for politicians. It is also a threat to wildlife more of our green fields and has already seriously blighted the lives of all those who live along its proposed route. Better to spend some money upgrading what already exists

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  • Statement 4 refers, especially in view of the abysmal record of civil servants and ministers to get anywhere near a real budget figure.

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