Wednesday, 20 August 2014
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The Howard Committee has delivered its report on expansion of airport capacity in the Southeast. Which of its options do you favour?

As we expected, our last poll before Christmas, concerning the Howard Committee’s preliminary report on UK airport expansion,  attracted a large number of respondents and a wide spread of opinion. Of over 830 resspondents, the largest group, 37 per cent, favoured the option for a new 3km runway at Heathrow. The other Heathrow option, a 3km extension to an existing runway so that planes can land and take off simultaneously, attracted only 7 per cent, while a similar number opted for a 3.5km new runway at Gatwick.


The other options were where it got imteresting: 17 per cent thought a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary — the so-called Boris Island option — was the best plan; 26 per cent thought that expansion outside London should be considered; and 7 per said thought that flying should be discouraged, and therefore there is no need for airport expansion at all.

Readers' comments (6)

To fly or not to fly? Let us know your point of view on this poll

  • There is a definite need to increase the airport infrastucture and capability within the UK to allow a safe management of air traffic density. Whether or not this is satisified by the addition of an additional runway at LHR is not proven. Serious consideration needs to be given to airport access and road traffic density around LHR as well as the density of the air traffic itself. Time to ignore the politics and undertake a proper systematic study of all our airports as potential air traffic hubs in combination with population density and road networks. There are significant equally sophisticated life forms north of the Watford gap that need efficient and effective acces to air travel.

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  • It is impossible to draw conclusions from any market research unless we know the methodology. Assuming the survey was conducted by a reputable agency whose researchers are members of the Market Research Society, the agency is bound by the MRS code to release this information to anyone with reasonable grounds to know it. Please can you tell me who I can contact to obtain it. Many thanks.

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  • Schiphol airport is nonsensical IMO, as either the East Asians want to do business with the UK or they don't - a transit at Schiphol is not going to make 'em prefer to do business with Holland over the UK on that basis ...

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  • I found Schiphol very convenient on the two occasions I have flown from NW England to Chengdu.
    Just to put the cat amongst the pigeons - as London is overcrowded why not build a new international hub between Birmingham & Coventry & downgrade Heathrow & Gatwick to regional status. It might change a few opinions on what to do about HS2!

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  • London isn't overcrowded. More capacity at the airports is certainly needed (in London and everywhere else). Build for the future not just for now.

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  • Lets face it, the airport expansion debate will ultimately be a political decision regardless of any recomendations. Personally I would welcome the completely new airport Thames estuary plan if only to be rid of Heathrow. Gatwick is better but not the answer to the problem. Heathrow has very poor transport links, it's an outdated total arse of an airport disliked by both British and foreign travellers alike. I have been through Schipol airport a couple of times and now refuse to take flights that involve going there. Personally, Boris Island is the best option for now and the future as the transport links would be better, linking Essex and Kent, faster links from the north and quicker into London. Also providing a new Thames barrier with the plus of generating electricity via green technology. With so many advantages the extra cost is well worth it, and save more money in the future when the donkey called Heathrow needs upgrading again.

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