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This week's poll: 2015 election

It’s exactly a year until the next General Election. What do you think is the most likely result?

• Conservative majority
• Labour majority
• Other majority
• Conservative-led coalition
• Labour-led coalition
• None of the above

Please use this page to let us know what you think of this poll and the answer options given. This page will show the poll results from 13th May.

Readers' comments (10)

  • Conservative-led coalition

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  • You can cast your vote by using the box on the left of the screen.

  • I'm hoping for a Conservative majority so they have a chance to run the Country properly. So far, I think they have turned round the problems we had admirably.

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  • Your question says:

    "What do you think is the most likely result.... "

    As a follow up can you ask what would you actually like the result to be"

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  • We generally save that poll for after the manifestoes have been published.

  • Possibly another coalition would be the best bet. The coalition has curbed any extreme positions by the Conservatives and the stupidity of some of the Liberal ideas!

    The only thing we can say for sure is that a Labour victory would be a disaster for everyone, from the poorest to the richest in society. Unfortunately voters have short memories..... and are easily bribed

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  • The worst possible result will be a coalition with a Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister hamstringing either a Conservative or Labour Government!!!

    Unfortunately the most likely result will be a coalition with a Nick Clegg Deputy Prime Minister!!!!

    Nick Clegg is 'damaged goods' whilst the Liberals have fund out that it easy to promise 'all things to all men' as long as you are in oppostion and never having to deliver responsible government you can make irresponsible promises. There is a good chance the Liberals will be crucified in both the local and European Elections as a precursor to losing ground in West Minster

    Both Alex Salmond's Independence refereundum and UKIP are the 'Jokers in the Pile' for the General Election for different reasons.

    If Scotland votes yes for Independence there should not be a general election vote in Scotland and Scottish MP's should be shorn of all voting rights in Westminster on English and Welsh matters. A yes vote would make Labour virtually unelectable in Westminster.

    UKIP will get its vote from its committed core supporters plus both dissaffected Tory and Labour voters - Not because of a 'Plague on all your Houses' voters BUT because of 2 reasons:-

    1) Ex-conservatives tired of being called 'Little Englanders' by Ken Clarke and other Euro Fanatics or nasty or small minded because they are concerned about gay marriage and unfettered immigration and its effect on services, housing, and jobs for their children.


    2 Ex-Labour Supporters abandoned by New Labour - people concerned about wages forced down by eastern European migrants and the competition with economic migrants for jobs, social housing and services. Migrants brought in by New Labour as 80/90% of migrants support!!!! People who have an antipathy to the EU because we cant keep European Economic Migrants out under the free movement of labour.

    Both the ex Conservative and ex Labour supporters want terrorists, criminals and illegal immigrants deported without the interference of the European Court of Human Rights.

    Depending upon both where they draw votes from and how many votes they draw, UKIP will affect the Election Result - Probably denying a Conservative Victory by promoting a Labour victory.

    Ironically a good UKIP showing in this years local elections could give UKIP a spring board to parliamentary success in Westminster where they could easily more seats that an unpopular Liberal Party and possibly even form a coalition with the Conservative Party.

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  • The Conservatives have shown a level of maturity and competence with the economy that has confounded many of their critics.
    However, there are some crucial tests going forward that will require some very skilful handling. Firstly the Scottish independence vote has to be concluded without the breakup of the UK. In my opinion a vote for an independent Scotland would be bad for Scotland and the rest of the UK. Secondly, the Conservatives have to convince the electorate that they will give the population the chance to vote on the continued membership of the EU.
    If they can achieve both of those results then they can very probably win the next election, following which they will have the task of convincing the population to vote to stay in the EU (as I believe that leaving the EU would be a significant mistake).

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  • So, we are emerging from a bank-led disaster, 3 years later than predicted, with millions worse off, all due to a set of ignorant, insensitive policies by the Tories. The country has recovered despite them, so for me just about any other government than the Posh Boys would be good. Apart from UKIP.

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  • I would vote for the Engineering and Science Party, if there were one, they couldn't do any worse than the ones we have been voting for so far.

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  • It will be a mess who ever gets in, there'll be more than a gazillion words, tons of paper and more hours than enough expanded on TV and radio about who is going to what, with what, how and to whom. I do know in several years time we'll have forgotten what was happening. I do know this, companies will still be making things and still be trading. May be smaller, maybe larger, under different names and ownership but there'll still be companies out there meanwhile Politian's will come and Politian's will go. Did some one in the '80's say 'here today, gone tomorrow'?

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  • The situation is such as it is. No government can wave a magic wand to "make it all better". All governments have to express confidence and offer a better future and tell us what we want to hear in order to be given the chance of doing anything at all.

    Hence it's our own inability to accept unpleasant truths that results in us choosing leaders that we end up not trusting because they cannot possibly deliver on what we fondly imagine we want.

    But. But what about the ones who aren't two faced? That tell us what we want to hear and have no sense of reality to be two faced about? Those are dangerous.

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