Thursday, 31 July 2014
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This week's poll: 3D printers in schools

Should every school have a 3D printer?

• No. It’s far more important to teach traditional ‘hands-on’ skills
• No; it’s too early in the technology’s development and most industrial users haven’t figured out the best way to ues them yet
• Only if appropriate support is available to teachers from industry
• Yes; they’re fundamental to skills that the next generation of workers will need
• Yes; it could help unlock new ways of thinking about manufacturing
• None of the above

This poll is based on last week’s Editor’s Comment. This page is for feedback on the question and the answers provided; it will show the poll results from 29th April.

Readers' comments (4)

  • Yes 3D printers are a must, along with 3D scanners. Embrace the technology. They are fundamental to skills that the next generation of workers & businesses will need.

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  • Absolutely, schools must gear up for the next generation with the latest technologies and work very closely with industry. UK plc should be out in front.
    Should declare my interest, one child a DT teacher and two others Engineers.
    Just go for it......

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  • Having clear thinking, and open concerns to the solution, is a key innovation. Equally important to the 3D printing process is the model, and its building or creation. The 3D printing process allows the expansion of thinking, and not constraint the possiblies.

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  • Absolutely - they should become a 'traditional hands on skill', alongside existing hands on skills. We need our next generation of engineers to be familiar with additive manufacturing technology.

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