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Metso set to supply pellet-fired heating plant to Finland

Metso will supply a pellet-fired heating plant to Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy in the city of Tampere, Finland.

The plant will be delivered by the Metso-Wärtsilä joint venture MW Power. The delivery will comprise a full-scope turn-key boiler plant solution, including all the necessary equipment and commissioning.

The value of the order has not been disclosed.

The heating plant will be used as a peak load and back-up plant, and will replace some of the capacity of the existing oil- and gas-fuelled boiler plants.

The plant will be fired with wood pellets and its heat input will be around 33MW. Replacing the old boilers with a new modern pellet-fired boiler is expected to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions resulting from the production of district heating.

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