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The Engineer
10 December 2004

  • Cleaning up a dirty butt

    12 Jan 2005

    For a New Year's resolution, Dave Wilson decides to give up one of his filthy habits. But the pressure of writing an editorial puts paid to his noble idea for good.

  • Eye tracking

    7 Jan 2005

    Following the signing of a manufacturing licensing deal with QinetiQ, a lightweight and portable eye tracking system is now being manufactured by Boston, USA-based Applied Science Laboratories.

  • Warp driver

    10 Dec 2004

    Andrés Galvez heads ESA’s Advanced Concepts Team, a group of young brains who translate concepts once banished to the world of sci-fi into active research. Richard Fisher reports from Amsterdam.

  • A wave of drug busts

    10 Dec 2004

  • Hot properties

    10 Dec 2004

  • Toy story

    10 Dec 2004

    Charles Clarke salutes the development of Cosmic blobs - a pioneering 3D design product for children from the authors of SolidWorks.

  • Stress management

    10 Dec 2004

    A clever new coating could help speed the design process by discovering flaws or problems before a part is mass-produced. Christopher Sell reports.

  • Pump action

    10 Dec 2004

    A variable flow oil pump designed by UK engineers is claimed to use significantly less power than conventional fixed flow pumps. Jon Excell reports.

  • Flying eyes

    10 Dec 2004

  • A short hop to Mars

    10 Dec 2004

  • Heart of the matter

    10 Dec 2004

    The UK leads the way in neutron research, but if the government does not commit to bidding to build the world's highest-intensity spallation source we will lose our premier position. Julia Pierce reports.

  • Finger on the button of anti-chemical warfare

    10 Dec 2004

    A tiny UK-designed sensor which can detect an almost limitless range of airborne chemicals could provide a low-cost alternative to existing military technology.

  • Big-screen debut

    10 Dec 2004

    A large, wedge-shaped monitor and a pocket-sized projector are set to cut the cost of home cinema.

  • Electric shock

    10 Dec 2004

    The amount of the UK's railways that is electrified is well behind the rest of Europe. Rod Smith believes we need to get current.

  • Fuel-cell bike scoots into production

    10 Dec 2004

  • Hidden agenda

    10 Dec 2004

    Some believe we will soon be surrounded by invisible, all-seeing computer networks, but many engineers doubt whether such a vision is technically possible yet, reports Richard Fisher.

  • Full steam ahead for biomass project

    10 Dec 2004

  • Kiteplanes power up

    10 Dec 2004

  • Robotics aid stroke patients

    10 Dec 2004

    A robotic system to help patients recover more quickly after a stroke is being developed with funding from the Department of Health.

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