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Deal could bring graphene production method to market

A UK company working on a more environmentally friendly graphene manufacturing method has announced a deal to bring the technology to market.

South Wales-based Haydale has partnered with German company Diener electronic to market its machines that use plasma rather than acid to break graphite down into single sheets known as graphene, which is expected to revolutionise electronics.

‘The plasma treatment removes any impurities within the graphite and any amorphous carbon,’ said Ray Gibbs, Haydale’s group commercial director. ‘It then does what acid does: it intercalates into the layers and starts to strip them off.’

Each system uses Diener’s plasma reactors and Haydale’s spilt-plasma technology for breaking down the carbon and surface engineering the resultant graphene. This can also be used to produce other nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes.

Haydale is already offering small batches of graphene for research use and plans to increase production to a scale of tonnes per annum using larger machines from the summer.

The company is now hoping to discuss licensing the technology to larger manufacturers for mass production.

Readers' comments (5)

  • This is great technology. The opportunities for the future are very exciting. But please can everyone involved in this industry where Britain is a world leader make sure that we fully exploit the potential. Design Develop and Manufacture Graphen and the machine required right here in the UK for export. I do not want to see another Great British technology simply go to the highest bidder.

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  • I agree with the above post that we should retain as much technology and manufacturing in the UK as possible. It is certainly the best road to success for the country and its inhabitants.

    In this case though, although the work leading to the Nobel prize was carried out in Manchester, aren't both the inventors Russian?

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  • Andre Gein and Konstantin Novoselov, discoverers of graphene, were both born in Russia but have lived in the UK for over 10 years and, we believe, hold British citizenship (and indeed knighthoods).

  • If this country does not make the most of this leading technology then we might just as well hand over the running of country to the greedy bankers.

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  • As the Commercial Director of Haydale the point I would make are that we are a privately owned UK company based in South Wales, and our intention is to exploit and promote this technology as a UK initiative- which it is. We have robust IP and now are starting to sell our materials to the waiting world.

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  • Ray, thank you for your comment, that is very encouraging. But my point is this. You as a company will no doubt do very well from your IP and presumably employ some very smart people in research and development. But if the bulk of the manufacuring plant and jobs are overseas then in my opinion we are missing out on fully exploiting our world lead. This is model that has been followed for the past couple of decades and it has left us with an unbalanced economy and over a million young unemployed. I am not talking about a return to dark satanic mills here but sophisticated high end manufacturing that could and should be here in the UK. We should certainly be making the machines that would make the product at the very least. This has been something I have believed strongly all my life and is not a result of recent events and changes of attitude by government, but I am glad to see this happening.

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