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  • Hack to the future

    The Engineer | Opinion | 22 Nov 2013

    Our internet-enabled world is open to the machinations of cyber criminals but how worried should we be about these threats and will technology save us from hackers?

  • Judy Baker, director of Cyber Security Challenge

    The Engineer | In-depth | 17 Apr 2012

    Risk and reward: The UK’s cyber-crime tsar believes companies should hire able programmers before they use their skills elsewhere.

  • Rise of the cyber attacks

    The Engineer | Opinion | 24 Jun 2011

    It seems with each passing week another cyber scalp is claimed by hacktivist groups – but to what extend are engineering firms vulnerable and what should they be doing to protect themselves.

  • Defending against the cyber threat

    The Engineer | In-depth | 1 Nov 2010

    Clandestine cyber attacks are posing a massive threat to the UK’s security infrastructure

  • Power operators on alert to new computer virus

    The Engineer | News | 29 Sep 2010

    Power station and electricity grid operators around the world are on alert to a new type of computer virus capable of attacking critical industrial process equipment.

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