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  • GKN Aerospace joins Clean Sky 2 project

    The Engineer | News | 29 Sep 2015

    €4bn EU initiative aims to significantly reduce the weight  amd emissions of aeroplane engines. 

  • Bloodhound meets its public

    The Engineer | Opinion | 25 Sep 2015

    After seven years’ hard work and a complicated build programme, Bloodhound SSC is finally making its public debut ahead of its first full test and record attempt next year. The Engineer visited and spoke to the team

  • Self-healing, additive alloys study for aerospace kicks off

    The Engineer | News | 23 Sep 2015

    A research project is underway to investigate self-healing alloys for use in aerospace structures.

  • Getting to grips with Industry 4.0

    The Engineer | In-depth | 15 Sep 2015

    Is the much-trumpeted Industry 4.0 just a new way of labelling things or a key factor in our industrial evolution?

  • Lightweight armour occupies defence sector

    The Engineer | In-depth | 14 Sep 2015

    The defence industry is working intensively on lighter body armour.

  • 3D biomaterials project takes off

    The Engineer | News | 26 Aug 2015

    £6.5m research programme will explore the use of 3D materials in regenerative medicine, drug delivery, and medical devices.

  • Taking care of the fine detail

    The Engineer | In-depth | 10 Aug 2015

    The success of 3D printing depends on understanding the properties of the metal powders that are its raw materials.

  • Alone on the ocean wave

    The Engineer | Opinion | 5 Aug 2015

    After driverless cars and pilotless aircraft, it’s time for ships to become autonomous, as our upcoming digital August issue will explain

  • Renishaw posts 'incredible' results as turnover nears £500m

    The Engineer | News | 29 Jul 2015

    Renishaw’s full-year results reveal a record turnover of nearly £495m, record profits, a rock solid balance sheet and cash position.

  • Graphene ink to print energy storage devices

    The Engineer | News | 20 Jul 2015

    Batteries, supercapacitors and other energy storage devices could one day be printed on desktops from conductive graphene ink, thanks to researchers in the UK.

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