Friday, 19 September 2014

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  • ESA launches €1bn project to create next generation metals

    The Engineer | News | 12 Sep 2014

    Lighter vehicles, stronger nuclear reactors and more compatible medical implants are among the goals of a new billion-euro European Space Agency metals project.

  • Farnborough figures mirror UK manufacturing growth trend

    The Engineer | Opinion | 4 Aug 2014

    The Engineer’s constantly chiming email alerts let us know that orders were buoyant during the Farnborough Airshow, while the CBI’s latest survey shows that is a trend across engineering sectors

  • Additive assembly: the 3D printed fastener

    The Engineer | In-depth | 29 Jul 2014

    3D printing technology could offer a new way for engineers to think about how to join and fasten components

  • Opportunities in the aero industry supply chain

    The Engineer | In-depth | 22 Jul 2014

    The UK aerospace industry’s rich and varied supply chain offers a host of exciting and rewarding career opportunities

  • Spaceport support?

    The Engineer | Opinion | 18 Jul 2014

    The prospect of a UK spaceport being built has generated plenty of public excitement but does it actually make sense for the aerospace industry?

  • Bye-bye to Two-Brains

    The Engineer | Opinion | 16 Jul 2014

    The departure of David Willetts from his post as minister for science, universities and skills is a cause for regret, and early signs for his replacement are worrying.

  • Flight path: aerospace career guide for graduate engineers

    The Engineer | In-depth | 10 Jul 2014

    Aerospace is one of the UK’s most important and most exciting engineering sectors, offering graduates a wealth of job opportunities across the country.

  • Farnborough International Airshow: a look ahead

    The Engineer | In-depth | 4 Jul 2014

    In just a few days’ time, the Hampshire town of Farnborough will once again become the centre of the aerospace universe as the Farnborough International Airshow opens its doors.

  • Holding out for a HIRO

    The Engineer | News | 20 Jun 2014

    Humanoid robots could  join the production line at Airbus by June 2015, claims an engineer working on a project to integrate humans and robots into the same workspace.

  • Your questions answered: solar-powered flight

    The Engineer | In-depth | 19 Jun 2014

    The team behind Solar Impulse answer your questions on the challenges of building and flying an aircraft powered by the sun.

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