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  • Last week's poll: the future of space launches

    The Engineer | News | 15 Apr 2015

    The new Boeing/Lockheed reusable space rocket was unveiled this week as upstart firm Space X attempted another test of its reusable model. But are these rockets the best vehicle for future space activities? What form of launch transport do you think the space industry and agencies should be focusing on?

  • Reusable Vulcan space rocket unveiled by United Launch Alliance

    The Engineer | News | 15 Apr 2015

    A new space rocket that could enable partly-reusable launch systems and end US reliance on Russian technology has been unveiled.

  • Engineering a sea-change

    The Engineer | In-depth | 10 Mar 2015

    Over the next decade, almost a thousand North Sea oil wells will be decommissioned. Stuart Nathan explores the technical challenges involved

  • Kevlar is key to fire-preventing lithium ion battery membrane

    The Engineer | News | 27 Jan 2015

    New battery technology should prevent the incidents that grounded Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2013, claim researchers at the University of Michigan. 

  • Petrol-electric hybrid aircraft is first to charge in flightVideo

    The Engineer | News | 26 Jan 2015

    A hybrid power aircraft has been successfully tested in the UK in an important step towards cleaner low-carbon air travel.

  • Demon weed to energy need

    The Engineer | In-depth | 19 Jan 2015

    A former cigarette factory in Concord, North Carolina, is being transformed into the home of one of the world’s first bulk producers of grid-connected batteries

  • Helicopters give latest technologies a whirl

    The Engineer | Opinion | 12 Dec 2014

    Sub-zero temperatures and altitude couldn’t stop The Engineer reporting on the entry into service of Airbus’s latest helicopter, set to save lives in the Dolomites with Divine help

  • Schools under the spotlight

    The Engineer | Opinion | 31 Oct 2014

    Are the UK’s schools doing enough to educate young people about the opportunities in industry?

  • New plant to convert waste cooking oil into aviation biofuel

    The Engineer | News | 23 Oct 2014

    Up to 500 million gallons of aviation biofuel will be made from waste cooking oil at a new demonstration facility in China.

  • Ric Parker: Director of research and technology, Rolls Royce

    The Engineer | In-depth | 17 Oct 2014

    Rolls Royce’s research chief talks to Stephen Harris about the technologies that he believes could shape the future of the aerospace and energy sectors

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The Solar Impulse aircraft is about to begin its Pacific crossing. Does this project represent any useful technological advances?