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Last week's poll: the right route to HS2?

HS2 chair David Higgins has proposed speeding up the construction of the northern section of the controversial rail network, building a new hub at Crewe, and scrapping the HS2 - HS1 link. With which of the following statements do you most closely agree?

The anti-HS2 lobby were out in force among the 754 respondents to last week’s poll, with a clear majority — 55 per cent — saying that the scheme in an unnecessary waste of money and should be scrapped. The next largest group, 19 per cent, thought David Higgins’ proposals didn’t fast-track the Northern sections of the line enough, while 17 per cent thought the proposals did not address the country’s transport needs. Only 5 per cent thought the proposals address the concerns about HS2, while 3 per cent couldn’t pick one of our options.

HS2 chart

Please let us know what you think about the results of this poll.

Readers' comments (36)

  • The thinking is muddled. First define the problem. Is it capacity or is it journey times? HS2 started out as a showcase project to reduce journey times to Birmingham and was justified on the basis that all business travel time was non-productive. When that was shown to be flawed, the justification was switched to capacity, but as others have pointed out, it will actually reduce capacity in respect of commuters to Euston who need non HS trains.
    As Homer would say - Doh!

    PS, I agree with 3 and 4

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  • I agree with the final statement "None of the above". It is an absurd project; a complete waste of taxpayers' money which would be better spent on the NHS, education and proper care of the sick and elderly.

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  • I agree with statement 4, in that it does not justify the cost which has been calculated by people with a vested interest.
    If it thought to be such a good deal why not leave it to the private sector to invest.
    Better to spend the money on nuclear power instead of giving future income from the power industry to foreign investors.
    We all need power but have a choice with UK internal transport.

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  • A complete waste of money that does not address the issue of overcrowding on the rail network, and is damaging to communities.
    Will be the nail in the Tories coffin come the General Election.

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  • HS2 is an unnecessary waste of money,
    says it all

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  • The fundamental problem with the HS2 project is that we decided that we want High Speed Rail and we set out to justify that "want". This is sadly typical of politically-driven projects. In engineering we start by defining the problem in an honest and objective way. Only then do we try to find solutions which address the problem. The correct thing to do would be to re-evaluate the whole project by defining the problem first. Unfortunately there are too many vested interests and too much political face to be lost for that to happen. If all large public projects were re-evaluated 10 years on to see to what extent they meet the figures used to justify them we would get some big surprises. Try doing this for HS1 or the M6Toll for example. Politicians think that we all have very short memories and, to a large extent, they are right!

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  • HS2 is an unnecessary waste of money

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  • I agree with the statement that HS2 is an unnecessary waste of money, more importantly tax payers money!
    The objectives changed frequently, but it won't benefit the communities who need it most, sucking investment into London. It's a regressive tax paid for by millions and will be used by a minority
    In addition there is no (as yet) compensation for those who have their house prices adversely effected by the infrastructure project, again why should they pay for this project?

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  • HS2 is a complete waste of money, and will be a white elephant. Why the continued emphasis on London - its the last place many many people want to go to. Not one person i know is in favour of this ridiculous scheme. Another example of the politicians being totally out of touch with those they are supposed to represent

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  • This is a vanity project superimposed on a network in need of investment. It is anything but the integrated transport system that this country needs. It will do nothing for connectivity and not provide capacity where it is needed. Scrap it now and upgrade the existing network and improve local commuter services. Not sexy but practical and cost effective.

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