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Last week's poll: the right route to HS2?

HS2 chair David Higgins has proposed speeding up the construction of the northern section of the controversial rail network, building a new hub at Crewe, and scrapping the HS2 - HS1 link. With which of the following statements do you most closely agree?

The anti-HS2 lobby were out in force among the 754 respondents to last week’s poll, with a clear majority — 55 per cent — saying that the scheme in an unnecessary waste of money and should be scrapped. The next largest group, 19 per cent, thought David Higgins’ proposals didn’t fast-track the Northern sections of the line enough, while 17 per cent thought the proposals did not address the country’s transport needs. Only 5 per cent thought the proposals address the concerns about HS2, while 3 per cent couldn’t pick one of our options.

HS2 chart

Please let us know what you think about the results of this poll.

Readers' comments (36)

  • HS2 fails to address the future needs for transport. The construction will devastate lives worse than the recent floods have .
    It has been proved that existing classic network can deliver the same passenger numbers as HS2 at a fraction of the cost and can be delivered now not in 15 years.

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  • Proved by whom?

  • I agree with statement no 4 - its a complete waste of taxpayers money and a massive blight on our countryside and wildlife.

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  • I'm marginally in favour of HS2 but only if the full system through to Manchester and Leeds is constructed at the same time as the London - Birmingham section. I had also assumed that there would be a connection to HS1. Yesterday's announcement that there won't be a connection, and hence no through trains to Europe other than from London and the South East, is something of a game changer in my eyes. HS2 will only serve to grow London.

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  • Over 50% against- the government should not have the right to proceed on such a huge project which on past records will far exceed the budget.

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  • You can always vote

  • ed-" you can always vote". Yes, this fiasco was started by the Labour Party, so that's going to work. "The Engineer" has become blatantly pro-Labour in recent months-in our office it's known as "The Industry Mirror", so such a comment while dangerous, is, I suppose, expected.

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  • Lets face the stark realities here, it is nothing more than a vanity project to benefit London and condemn the rest of the country.

    We currently have an over populated London commuter belt with burgeoning services which cannot cope. Roads are overloaded, water is rationed every summer, and electrical, gas, and sewage services are overloaded or near capacity. When a property such as a normal 1930's house is for sale it is bought by a property developer who knocks it down and builds a small apartment complex. Instead of one family occupying the plot we now have multiple families occupying the same space.

    What is the solution? increase the size of the commuter belt and bring in workers from outside the traditional commuter belt with their high cost of living. Workers come in from the South Midlands and demand lower wages so London companies benefit again and local employers paying lower salaries lose out. Now another skills shortage as they go to London for higher salaries.

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