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Last week's poll: Drone warfare ethics

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones) in warfare is now an established fact for many nations. Which option is closest to your feelings on this?

Our readers seem to have no ethical qualms about the use of drones in warfare. The largest group of our 603 respondents, 40 per cent, said that there were no ethical issues with current drone technology; 37 per cent thought it acceptable to use UAVs for reconnaisance and observation. Only 6 per cent thought drone use was never acceptable, while 7 per cent thought they caused too much collateral damage and 1 per cent thought they missed the target too often; 9 per cent declined to pick an option.


Please let us know your opinion on these results.

Readers' comments (23)

  • Students of Greek history will surely be aware that that Nation -at least its ancestors- had a very sensible way to deal with disputes between its various parties and cities. Each and every army had a 'poet in residence' who's task was to harangue 'his' own side and denigrate the opposition. It was a well established protocol that if by mutual agreement of the two soothsayers also involved, one poet really did much better than the other, both parties would agree to call that 'side' the winner and all would go home!

    I see drone technology as a good step along that path! If one 'side's' technology is so much better than the other -and they play their games -why do I get the feeling of a link to amusement arcades as well....- better, it is obvious who is going to win: so...avoid the bloodshed and just go home?

    Mike B

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  • I am impressed with the practical attitude of most respondents

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  • Like n numbers of other means of warfare, drone is one of them and I regard them most effective, both in terms of loss of life or investment in itself. The question of ethics should be applied to all means, why single out drones only.

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