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Last week's poll: in or out of the EU?

The strong results from Eurosceptic parties across Europe in last week’s European Parliament elections has put the future of the EU in doubt. What should the UK’s relationship with the EU be?

As expected, we received a very strong response to this poll, with over 950 readers registering their opinion. The largest single group of respondents, 39 per cent, supported the status quo of remaining within the EU to protect British industry, but it’s probably more instructive to note that a clear majority, 56 per cent, voted for options reflecting a change in the UK’s relationship with the EU. A third of the total called for a renegotiation of the terms of membership, while 23 per cent wanted a complete pull-out.

EU Chart

Please let us know what you think of these results.

Readers' comments (56)

  • I'm broadly in favour of remaining in the EU but only if they cut out all the stupid and excessive regulation and the unelected Kommissars who devise and promulgate it.

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  • Happy to stay in IF radical reform of EU from conventions, legal, migration through to budgets and spending accountability leads to a more sensible partnership. I fear however reform will not be on the agenda as its not in a lot of the members interests but I would rather stay IN if it can be made to work.

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  • The discussion is always framed in
    terms of the EU's interference in England.

    What about the contrary position ?.
    All electronic communications in Europe are interdicted and recored by MI6/GCHQ
    and the data forwarded to the CIA.

    I think this is far more invasive than
    than anything the EU does.

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  • There is no proof the EU has kept the peace for 70 years. Indeed, its actions in regard to the Ukraine and its intent to include all the countries up to the Russian borders actually could create conflict.

    I believe we would be far better off outside the EU and trading with it as we would with any other country.
    at the moment they depend on us far more than we depend on them.
    Plus, it isn't the EU we are in that is in question. The EU is on a path toward its ultimate goal which is a single federal European state.
    Their intent will be to eliminate any sense of independent national identity.This will involve the encouragement of free movement of workers, which occurs already but where the more old east bloc countries they gobble up the more the west of Europe will be flooded with communist influenced politic and it will further dilute the national identity. This paves the way for the creation of the federal state in which the nation states are fragmented and then recombined into different overlapping administrations - some of which already exist in embryonic form with legislative influence and EU funds to disperse. Once the federal state is created it is then an easy matter to terminate the national government and to transfer power from local governments to the new adminsitrative regional organisation (see "EU Cross Boundary organisations").

    Frankly whatever the impact on trade I would rather this didn't happen. But though we have been told repeatedly how bad it would be outside the EU I rather doubt it. I think we would survive just fine. Better perhaps.

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  • OUT - we already pay handsomely for our government - 41.5% of National income according to the Adam Smith institute - so why pay do we need to pay an estimated £150 billion a year for another layer of bureaucracy on top? Its interesting that those Brits who want out do so because the EU is too authoritarian, whereas the Europeans who want out do so because they see the EU as becoming to liberal!

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  • The regulation of business isn't the issue, and anyway, outside the EU we'd be powerless to shape it but forced to follow it in order to sell. No, the issue driving public opinion is much more day to day and is about citizens rights and benefits. The EU vision is a weird blend of large-single-country like the USA overlaid on a confederation of states. It doesn't fit and that misfit fuels resentment.

    On a slightly separate point, it would be interesting to see the views of people considering retiring to Spain being told that if we left the EU, they wold have to pay for health services and benefits!

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  • There should not be a scientific committee in the EU. Instead there should be an office that collects data from the country members and allow access for competitive intelligence. The same office wold also help connecting scientist together to compare ideas and results. We do not want those committee that decide the scientific works to be done for the whole EU.

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  • The EU is a brilliant concept to ensure lasting peace across a wide region but politicians have failed to develop each nation to preserve their cultures.
    Also a single currency is not fit for all - look what happened to Greece Portugal and Spain in the recent financial crisis.

    We need a central strategy where we all contribute to the development of the EU

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  • Blimey, thought I'd dropped into a Scottish Independence debate!

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  • When the Landlord in the city increases the rent, it is not an EU regulation.
    When there are less public holidays in the UK than in Germany then it is not an EU regulation.
    Leyland was not a result of EU regulations.

    A big burden on British business are the landlords who own all the land and when business is running good, increase the rent, driving businesses out of business.

    Just look at British housing which is not much changed since the 19th century. There are opportunities that are simply unused.

    Well, and The City and the interest rates imposed on mortgages are not caused by the EU.

    If people would actually own their land and homes, they'd invest more in their own property.

    In Germany, the DIY market is much more developed. And Photovoltaic onto the roof, new triple-paned windows to reduce noise and heat loss, insulation of homes to reduce the energy bill.

    And all these efficiency products in turn generate new businesses and research and jobs.

    The UK focuses too much on The City, the military and the partnership with the US.

    Wars and military are pure consumption. If you consume all your wealth and blow it up, it will be gone some day.
    China is growing because two thirds of their GDP comes from investment.

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