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Last week's poll: in or out of the EU?

The strong results from Eurosceptic parties across Europe in last week’s European Parliament elections has put the future of the EU in doubt. What should the UK’s relationship with the EU be?

As expected, we received a very strong response to this poll, with over 950 readers registering their opinion. The largest single group of respondents, 39 per cent, supported the status quo of remaining within the EU to protect British industry, but it’s probably more instructive to note that a clear majority, 56 per cent, voted for options reflecting a change in the UK’s relationship with the EU. A third of the total called for a renegotiation of the terms of membership, while 23 per cent wanted a complete pull-out.

EU Chart

Please let us know what you think of these results.

Readers' comments (56)

  • As I live and work in Brussels, not with the EU or an agency, I can only see the benefits of continued EU membership.
    I do work closely with the EU on many matters, and overall it has made my life much, much easier.
    I would agree that there are areas where reform is needed, but then again that is true of the UK Parliamentary system and every other Member State.
    It seems to me that in the UK, ( and others) there is a wish for personal political gain to throw the not only the baby but the entire contents of the bathroom out of the window to satisfy a few egos.
    The UK leaving the EU would be an act of insanity.

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  • When I voted decades ago to join the "Common Market" as it was then referred to, it was all about reducing trade barriers between countries and NOT about the United States of Europe.
    So my decision now would be out unless there is a root and branch reform of this totally corrupt organisation.
    Get back to being all about trade and forget this empire building nonsense.

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  • The first question has to be, why have we not got only a trade relationship with Europe, as that is what we signed up for.

    Also the EU has a deminishing share of global GDP, even the Commonweath has a greater share. We used to think Global as a nation and did a lot of great things, lets get back to what we do best, and leave the sinking EU ship.

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  • OUT - trade and economics are side arguments. They are transitory blips in the courses of nations.

    Since the principle of: "ever closer european union" is enshrined in EU law the question is not about reform, the EU is a river not a lake: we may slow the pace but we will never stop the flow.

    So the question is whether we want a united federal states of Europe or not?

    I would prefer to return to pre-maastrcht times and a community of nation states but those days are gone. Moreover it is unfair of us to hinder the aspirations of those would would go further.

    Ever closer union, a supernational entity and laws once surrendered cannot be repatriated are what we have signed up for - these ARE the foundations of the EU. Either accept, embrace and push this or leave.

    Returning to the damn analogy: there is only so long was can store up the water before our attempts to hinder its progress overwhelm us, where then will we find ourselves?

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  • Ah, the way polls are interpreted. I am a bit disappointed with the editors. What they are saying is correct but they fail to point out that only a small minority wants to pull out completely. Looking at the results in a different way, 72% of voters want to stay in the EU one way or the other. I applaud this result.

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  • I’m a small engineering/steel fabrication company I’ve been designing and building structural steelwork for the construction industry for thirty odd years now as from the 1/7/2014 it is illegal for me to supply structural steelwork due to the EU c/e marking regulations.
    The cost and two year time scale of achieving the certification for this means I will be turning the work down.
    I found out about this the later end of last year a lot in the game don’t even know about it (Seems we need a regulation on informing people)
    I don’t want to supply steel work to the rest of Europe and never did.
    Probably next year when your builder is telling you he can’t get your steelwork for your extension or new build and it’s going to cost a lot more cash maybe some people may waken up to the fact it’s not making us it’s braking us.
    All the people I know in small business and most of the ordinary people I talk to are of the opinion (as I am) all it’s ever done is cost us in red tape and regulations.
    Yes it’s creating jobs in certification training and regulation but small businesses are laying people off or not taking people on because of them.
    The large companies are fine with it all as they can afford it and it means less competition and they will be charging more.
    Lets not forget it’s the small companies who employ the most people in this country.
    If businesses run accounts as the EU does they’d be out of business and the EU should be.
    We have people not even in this country telling us what to do plus we are paying dearly for the privilege.
    UKIP will not go away as I see it unless the ministers of this country man up to them and get control of the country back, if not get out of the EU
    To all the ones who think it’s a good thing (The King is NOT wearing any clothes guys)

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  • In reply to anonymous It may surprise him but I don't want my builder to use steel that he doesn't know if it meets the relevant BRITISH STANDARDS.

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  • I wonder if Nigel Farage really wants us to leave the EU? If we do, he and his UKIP gravy train riding MEP colleagues will all lose their jobs. Turkeys and Christmas come to mind!

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  • Robert - We are still nominally a democracy so we vote for what government we want. If UKIP is the only party that satisfies the majority that it will best meet the needs of our country as the majority sees it, then UKIP it will be. It matters not one iota whether Nigel Farage keeps his job or not. The people will have spoken.
    All those who bleat that we would not be able to trade with Europe if we left are being disingenuous at best. Of course we will be able to plus we will be able to trade with whoever we choose without interference from an unelected autocracy.
    For Bob the Builder and BS steel. I think what he's saying is that ISO will replace BS for steel soon and only ISO approved steel may be sold as structural steel. Another hidden sanction against the UK perhaps?
    As before, I say OUT!

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  • a few comments about the "referendum"

    (I) referenda enable the unknowledgeable to foist their views on the whole population
    (2)How will the referendum work ? Would we leave Europe and face the uncertainty this will entail if 50.1% of the vote is to leave? What is the basis for a majority - of whom ? A majority of registered voters, a majority of the whole population , or just a majority of those who were inclined to get out of bed and go vote ?
    (3) no matter the result, the government can just say " how interesting "and just carry on

    The whole idea has not been thought through and is just some kind of sop to the xenophobic dreams of the tabloid reading populace

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