The Engineer Conference 2015 - Ania Servant, The National Graphene Institute Video

20 Jul 2015

Ania Servant from the National Graphene Institute outlines the latest progress on commercialising graphene

The Engineer Conference 2015 - Aircraft Carrier Alliance boss David Downs Video

20 Jul 2015

David Downs, engineering director of the aircraft carrier alliance, describes the engineering challenges of building Britain’s largest ever warships

The Engineer Conference 2015 - Richard Bruges, The Proving Factory Video

20 Jul 2015

Chief Executive of the Proving Factory Richard Bruges explains how the organisation is helping innovative UK technology firms scale and become manufacturers in their own right

The Engineer Conference 2015 - Airbus' Ian Costello on the engineering behind the Rosetta mission Video

20 Jul 2015

Ian Costello, deputy engineering manager for Airbus Defence & Space, talks about the role that engineers played in the Rosetta mission’s audacious attempt to land a probe on a comet

The Engineer Conference 2015 - Magna Parva boss Andy Parva on how to engage with OEMs Video

20 Jul 2015

Andy Bowyer, commercial director of Magna Parva, offers some advice on how SMEs can work effectively with OEMs

Final jacking

High tower: last jacking operation of the Brighton i360 Video

27 Aug 2015

This week’s video comes from Brighton where the final jack of the i360 tower has taken place, bringing the new attraction to its full height of 162m.

The system uses a transparent display with a tablet positioned between the surgeon and the operating field.

Augmented reality for remote surgery mentoring Video

25 Aug 2015

New system uses annotations on a transparent tablet allowing experts to share instructions with medics on the battlefield or rural locations.


Bicycle race: Insenth claim world first with augmented reality glasses for cyclists Video

20 Aug 2015

This week’s video is brought to you by Insenth, a Chinese company claiming to have developed the world’s first augmented reality display for cyclists.

Voluteer calibrating-BCI

Researchers demonstrate thought-controlled exoskeleton Video

18 Aug 2015

New brain-computer interface decodes brain signals to control an exoskeleton

Ford's new airbag is mounted in the glove compartment

Ford debuts innovative new airbag design Video

14 Aug 2015

Engineers at Ford in Cologne have unveiled an innovative injection moulded airbag that it claims will boost passenger comfort and safety 

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Following the tragic Shoreham air show crash, regulators have announced that vintage jets will now be prohibited from performing aerobatics over land at such events. With which of the following statements do you most strongly agree.