Friday, 01 August 2014


Robot adapts to injury and continues to walk Video

31 Jul 2014

A Franco-American research team has developed a mechanism that lets a hexapod robot adapt to injury in under two minutes.

Researchers placed a printed pinhole array mask on top of an iPod touch as part of their prototype display. Shown above are top-down and side-view images of the setup

Display technology compensates for sight loss Video

30 Jul 2014

Researchers are developing vision-correcting displays that enable users to see text and images without wearing glasses. 


Flames in space promise better engines on Earth Video

29 Jul 2014

A new type of cool burning flame could lead to cleaner, more efficient car engines. 


HMS Queen Elizabeth makes successful transition to water Video

24 Jul 2014

Britain’s newest aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has successfully floated out of the dock in which she was assembled.


New insight reveals how metals wear Video

24 Jul 2014

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown phenomenon that causes wear in metals.

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