Saturday, 01 November 2014


Easy-to-pilot personal submarine set for launch Video

28 Aug 2014

The inventor of a new personal submarine set to launch next week is hoping to create a new niche market for would-be adventurers who have no professional training in underwater navigation.


Bubble screens and touchless feedback: the future of computer interfaces Video

19 Jun 2014 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer paid a visit to the Bristol Interaction and Graphics lab to play with some experimental ways of controlling computers.


NASA tests prototype robotic planetary lander Video

8 May 2014

The latest flight test of NASA’s experimental Project Morpheus lander was carried out last week.


Wearable robot arm wins Dyson award Video

7 Nov 2013

A wearable battery-powered robotic arm that can be used to boost a user’s weight-lifting strength by upto 18kg is the winner of this year’s James Dyson award, an annual prize established by the prominent industrialist’s charitable trust, The James Dyson foundation.


Thrust 2 team celebrates 30 years of land speed record Video

3 Oct 2013

Former and current world land speed record holders, Richard Noble and Andy Green, celebrate the 30th anniversary of Thrust 2 by looking back on the challenges of driving at 633mph.


Night work signals progress at London Bridge Station Video

30 Oct 2014

Network Rail has installed a 30m signal gantry on the approach to London Bridge station.


Backing given to process that cuts carbon footprint of petrol Video

29 Oct 2014 | By Jessica Mills-Davies

Strategic backing has been given to a US technology start-up that promises to make petrol cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Piloted driving

Autonomous Audi RS7 completes Hockenheim trial Video

23 Oct 2014

An autonomous Audi RS 7 concept car has completed a lap on the Grand Prix track in Hockenheim in a little over two minutes.

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works believes a new compact fusion reactor (CFR) can be developed and deployed in under a decade

Lockheed claims fundamental fusion breakthrough Video

16 Oct 2014

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works believes a new compact fusion reactor (CFR) can be developed and deployed in under a decade.


Last week's poll: Competitions and education Video

14 Oct 2014

Boeing is sponsoring the latest in a series of ‘build-a-plane challenges’, where schools build a light aircraft from a kit which students later fly in as passengers. Is this a good model for attracting students to STEM careers and giving them a taste of what day-today life is like for engineers?

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