EPFL quadcopter

Give these UAVs enough rope, and they'll build a bridge Video

24 Sep 2015

This week’s video comes from EPFL in Switzerland where quadcopters have worked together autonomously to build a weight-bearing rope bridge.


The week ahead: enter the record-breakers Video

21 Sep 2015 | By Jason Ford

A competition to identify the oldest operational valve made by Moog is part of the company’s 50th anniversary celebrations, while Bloodhound SSC is set to make its long-awaited public debut in London.

The Engineer Conference 2015 - Ania Servant, The National Graphene Institute Video

20 Jul 2015

Ania Servant from the National Graphene Institute outlines the latest progress on commercialising graphene

The Engineer Conference 2015 - Aircraft Carrier Alliance boss David Downs Video

20 Jul 2015

David Downs, engineering director of the aircraft carrier alliance, describes the engineering challenges of building Britain’s largest ever warships

The Engineer Conference 2015 - Richard Bruges, The Proving Factory Video

20 Jul 2015

Chief Executive of the Proving Factory Richard Bruges explains how the organisation is helping innovative UK technology firms scale and become manufacturers in their own right

Toyota Team Mate

Warm leatherette: sort out security and let autonomy flourish Video

9 Oct 2015 | By Jason Ford

Driverless vehicle technology promises to make the roads safer and the UK richer, but whilst the technology roadmap is clear, the concept still poses more questions than it answers

Brain electrode

Flexible electrodes promise more effective brain function studies Video

9 Oct 2015

A system for implanting electrodes in the brain which do not damage the tissues they are supposed to be studying may help doctors gain better understanding of neurological diseases and disorders

Lexus Unveils Full-size Origami Inspired Car

Lexus unfolds the origami car Video

8 Oct 2015

This week’s video comes from Lexus, which has commissioned a vehicle that won’t meet Euro NCAP standards and will probably fall apart in the rain.

Bosch Active Parking Lot Management

Smart parking from Bosch Video

1 Oct 2015

This week’s video explains how Bosch’s new Active Parking Lot Management could help diminish the horror of city-centre parking.  

Carbon fibre panels have been partially removed on one side in order to show the technology inside the car, including the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine and supercharged Jaguar V8 engine used to pump oxidizer into the Nammo rocket

Bloodhound: Britain's 1,000mph car debuts in London Video

24 Sep 2015

The vehicle that will make Britain’s next attempt on the world land speed record has been revealed today in London.

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The Chancellor has announced that a politically neutral Commission is to oversee infrastructure projects in the UK. Chaired by former Labour transport secretary Lord Adonis, it will seek to streamline and speed up approval and planning processes. Which sector of the infrastructure should be its first priority?