Thursday, 24 July 2014


New insight reveals how metals wear Video

24 Jul 2014

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown phenomenon that causes wear in metals.


HS2 makes an early arrival in Birmingham Video

21 Jul 2014 | By Jason Ford

The construction headquarters of the new high-speed rail network are to be moved to England’s Second City as part of a £130m investment.


3D motion captured without markers Video

18 Jul 2014

Researchers have developed techniques that combine the views of 480 video cameras in a geodesic dome to perform large-scale 3D motion reconstruction.


Robotic hand gets a grip on objects Video

18 Jul 2014

A robot that enhances the grasping motion of the human hand has been developed in the US.


LS3 goes on manoeuvres Video

17 Jul 2014

US Marines have recently revealed field tests of an LS3 (Legged Squad Support System) at the Kahuku Training Area in Oahu, Hawaii. 

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