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Czech engineers demonstrate flying bicycle

A childhood dream has come true for the designers of a bike that can fly.

The Czech designers began the project a year and a half ago and have now demonstrated the vehicle’s capabilities, as shown in this video.

Three companies - Technodat, Duratec and Evektor - set themselves the objective to design a practical product and then create its prototype with the assistance of Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience Platform.

The team, led by Technodat’s Ales Kobylik, eventually settled on the multicopter principle for flight, which is made possible by the thrust of six horizontal propellers.


Czech designers have designed and built a bike that can fly at 50km/h.

Flying bike technical details:

Total output: 54kW

Drive: 4× main motors 10kW, placed in opposed pairs at the front and rear

2× stabilisation motors 7kW, placed on turnable consoles at the sides of the bike

Propellers: main propellers , diameter 1,200mm, maximum revs 2,200/min, stabilisation propellers, diameter 650mm, the propellers are surrounded by composite casings

Energy: set of Li-Pol accumulators with total capacity 50Ah

Bike frame: welded parts made of light alloy (duralumin)

Dimensions: approx. 3,800mm (length) × 2,500mm (width) × 1,200mm (height)

Weight: 95kg without a pilot

Maximum laden weight: 170kg

Flight time: 5 minutes

Maximum speed: 50km/hour

Readers' comments (16)

  • That's brilliant! Would I need a pilot's licence? After all, I can ride an electric bike on the road without a licence. The 75kg available for the pilot might be a problem because I weigh 73kg without clothes.

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  • I wonder the reasons for these inventions sometimes and how come it took 18 months to get to the protoype?
    When would you need a bike to fly?
    Or am I just lacking a creative mind? Probably!

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  • Dyson should have an interest in this, he is good with fans, bringing products to market with limited use and at very high prices.

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  • I like it !
    I like it because they have a sense of fun.

    I like it because this world we live in can be fun ;-) it is only limited by our imagination.
    Just learn to use your imagination in any way, other than all the news media rubbish that we are drip fed daily.

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  • All that for maximum of 4Km long flight. Try something else!

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  • Perhaps cars also can fly with the four doors opening outwords and twisting down with control from dashboard and multiples of fans fitted on the inside of the doors providing vertical thrust when opened. Energy for the fans comes from batteries charged while running on the road and from solar cell roof.

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  • A remote piloted multicopter built aound a bicycle!
    Not very impresive with such a development team.
    A self funded RC enthusiast managed a 58kg lift with a garage built model.
    Youtube "Beerlift" for what the RC comunity is doing with off the shelf compenents in their spare time.
    If the bicycle worked, and it was a live pilot, now that would be worth talking about.

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  • Hardly news worthy - you can see this type of craft (minus the bicycle bit) flying down at the local park most Sunday afternoons. The only difference is the size so as to comply with CAA rules!

    Noticed no one was risking flying on it! Or maybe they have H&S spoiling the fun!

    Not sure if a pure Hex-copter layout would have been better allows better redundancy. On the other hand a tri-copter might be better from a size and ease of folding away.

    Wonder if adding a generator taken from the pedals would improve flight time - would be great for mountain bike 'off roading' (literally)!

    X-Copters are definitely a possibility for the 'man in the street' flight vehicles.

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  • @Kevin Very true - although a lot of beer can be wasted!

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  • Excellent!! Although the rider looked like he was scared rigid!!


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