Saturday, 31 January 2015
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Protective suit keeps aid workers cool in the fight against Ebola Video

16 Dec 2014

Technology developed to cool patients in cardiac arrest has been incorporated in to a new suit designed to protect aid workers from the Ebola virus.


Shining a light on experimental laser accelerators Video

16 May 2013 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer paid a visit to Southampton University to find out how cutting edge techniques for making fibre lasers could lead to the next generation of particle accelerators.

Space harpoon could tackle satellite debris problem Video

18 Apr 2013 | By Stephen Harris

UK space firm Astrium has developed a new way to capture large items of space junk and pull them out of orbit using a harpoon and tether.


Putting data recovery engineering to the test Video

20 Dec 2012 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer decided to take out its anger on some unsuspecting hard drives in order to find out just how far data recovery techniques can go.


Building a UAV Video

6 Dec 2012 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer paid a visit to Southampton University to get an up-close look at the technology that’s enabling the creation of low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles.


Engineers reveal secrets of soft-body robotic octopus Video

1 Nov 2012 | By Stephen Harris

The Engineer paid a visit to the Science Museum in London to meet the creators of a robotic octopus, which could have some useful and surprising commercial applications.


Engineering a laugh Video

4 Oct 2012 | By Stephen Harris

Comedians Timandra Harkness and Matt Parker are hoping to demonstrate the humorous side of engineering with their new show Humans vs Nature.


UK teams go for gold at the 2012 FIRA RoboWorld Cup Video

23 Aug 2012 | By Stephen Harris

Two British teams are competing at this year’s RoboWorld Cup, which is being held in Bristol this week. The Engineer went to assess their chances.

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