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Robot sets record for solving Rubik's cube

A robot has solved a Rubik’s cube in a record-breaking 3.253 seconds.

The ARM-Powered CUBESTORMER 3 robot set the record last week at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, an event designed to enthuse school children about STEM careers.


The robot employs an ARM-powered Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone to analyse the cube and instruct four robotic hands to do the manipulations. ARM9 processors also power the eight LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 bricks which perform the motor sequencing and control.

CUBESTORMER 3 was designed, built and programmed by Mike Dobson and David Gilday, creators respectively of CubeStormer and Android Speedcuber and more recently, co-creators of CubeStormer II.


Readers' comments (5)

  • Is it me or is the video missing?

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  • Apologies for the glitch. Normal service has - we hope - been resumed.

  • See it in action here:

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  • Great to read about this record! Achieved by technologists with a goal -to advance their profession and demonstrate its contribution to the future.

    How sad that on the same day this is reported, I read of a Court case which has already cost £1.6 million, taken over a year, and is still not at the Court, let alone reaching a decision.

    Of course I temporarily forgot!
    The goal of the lawyers is to increase their reward, by taking as long as possible, making any matter as complicated as possible and making work for five other 'sets' of their fellow conn-artists. If the Government and Parliament - which unless I am mistaken is the law making body- can impose draconian time limits on 'debate' to get its business completed...surely it could, should and eventually must do the same to lawyers? Then perhaps they would win a similar prize!

    Mike B

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  • Absolutely, great example for kids! And I agree with you that Lawyers are a curse of society without doubt! As Lord Wolf said, stay away from lawyers!

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  • Dear Robin Colclough,
    VMT for your kind thoughts.
    You might have read on one of my other posts describing how Mrs B and I arranged for a solicitor to sue us for libel: to bring out into the open an attempted commercial rape in which he and several other lawyers were engaged. We 'defended ' ourselves. [he did not know we had arranged it until he spent two days in a witness box answering our amateur -with occasional deadly interjections from the Judge- questions.

    The barrister who started of against us started his 'tirade' -"Ladies & gentlemen of the Jury, lawyers have never been popular members of society, but the remarks made about my client go past what is acceptable"

    By the time he had seen his client 'twist and turn so much he met himself coming backwards' under our amateur cross-examination the QC realised two things. There was much more to come out than he wished...and that he and his client needed to get out of Court as quickly as he could arrange a 'fix' to do so. The fix required the solicitor who was suing us to give evidence on our behalf against our own former solicitor in an action for professional negligence we were able to bring against him my court order. About the most amazing turn-round in the history of the Courts, achieved by two highly technically trained amateurs.

    Subsequently, I arranged for the lawyers-up to a VERY senior level to demonstrate that given a choice they will always cover for one of 'theirs' no matter what they have done!

    Wait for the book!

    We shall overcome.
    Mike B

    PS I was actually invited to give evidence to Lord Woolf's inquiry into the use (and misuse) of Expert witnesses: he proposed 'single joint expert acting for the Court rather than one side or the other: at least that part of the legal? scam/process is now more sensible.

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