2.7” OLED

Anders Electronics has added a 2.7” OLED module to its range of low-profile, low-power video-capable displays, presenting an easy upgrade path from LCD modules that are thicker and heavier and also require a backlight. A quick start guide and rapid evaluation hardware are also available from Anders Electronics, for fast and easy system-level integration of OLEDs in a wide range of sizes and resolutions including the new 2.7” module.

The new Osram Pictiva™ 2.7” OLEDs are 128 columns x 64 rows resolution, enabling clear display of text or graphic images. The fast response of Pictiva OLED technology also enables display of full motion video. Yellow or green versions are available, each having 4-bit gray-scale colour depth. Offering the established benefits of OLED technology, the new modules have 180 degree viewing angle and 2000:1 contrast ratio for excellent readability in a wide range of situations in audio products, industrial equipment or medical instruments.

Anders Electronics has a full range of OLEDs offering low profile ideal for slim-line designs and very low power consumption compared to similar size LCDs. The latest 2.7” displays are only 3.4mm thick, for easy mounting in very thin panels, and consume 0.05mW in sleep mode.

A single supply voltage up to 15V is required, allowing the module to be powered from a simple regulator or system supply rail. The wide operating temperature range, from -30 ° to +70 °C, allows OLED modules to be used in harsh environments including remote installations and industrial equipment.

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